I love a good black maxi dress, especially for the summer. I think it’s one of those basic pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe. There are days where I don’t feel like glamming up, but still want to look professional, that’s when a black maxi dress is in order. It’s a piece that can be mixed and matched with so many things and worn so many different ways.

All that said, I got the cutest, softest, sleeveless black maxi dress from Sozy and wanted to share 8 ways to style it. So here it goes.

Add a Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is another piece I think should be in everybody’s wardrobe. It’s a classic and instantly adds life to a simple look. It’s so easy to elevate a look with a denim jacket. You can roll the sleeves up, pop the collar, button it up, tie it around your waist, wear it around your shoulders. Get my drift? 🙂

Add a Funky Scarf

I have so many scarves from years past. I went through a serious scarf phase where I felt like every outfit needed one, the black maxi was not exempt from this. One thing I love about adding a scarf to a black maxi dress is that like the denim jacket, it can be styled different ways. I know at least 5 different ways to tie it around my neck and about 3 different ways to tie it on my head, and if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can tie it on your purse and decorate that up a bit. I’ll do some posts in the future about all of this at a later date.

Add A Classic White Button Down

Sleeveless dresses are great, but around this time of year where I’m from, the weather isn’t always that consistent, adding a white button down to a sleeveless black maxi is a great transition look. It says that you’re not quite ready for spring yet, but you’re looking forward to it. Adding a white button down takes this look from casual to a bit more formal as well. Lastly, if you’re not feeling the hostess look, you can always wear it over the maxi dress as opposed to under, which is what I’ve done here.

Add a Funky Blazer

If you’re like me, most of the pieces in your closet are bright and are crazy prints. These types of pieces go well with a basic black maxi dress. It’s a great way to elevate your look and make a statement at the same time. I added a simple braided belt for just a little extra, but the blazer alone would do perfectly fine.

Add Textured Sweater

Sometimes mixing textures adds a little extra boost to an otherwise blah look. Like I said before, where I’m from, the weather this time of year is a bit unpredictable, so the way I’ve been adding texture is with spring transitional sweaters. This pretty lavender sweater is a fuzzy texture, sort of cropped, a spring color, simple, but still cute enough to make a statement without overpowering the dress. I also like that wearing the sweater over the dress almost makes the dress look like a skirt.

Add a Kimono

Once upon a time Kimono’s were trending on the fashion scene. Not sure if that’s still the case, but I’m not one to follow trends. I just wear what I fee like wearingl. Like my scarf phase, I went through a major kimono phase, and to this day I wear them to dress up simple pieces like my new black maxi from Sozy worn in this post. Kimono’s can be pieced together with a statement purse, necklace or belt as well.

Add a Funky Sleeveless Blouse

It’s no lie that I own the craziest printed tops and blazers. It really works to my advantage because they go so well with simple pieces. I decided to keep this blouse unbuttoned and do a beach tie. I call it a beach tie because I feel like this is how some people wear their beach cover up’s at the beach. I don’t know, just an assumption, this is how I rock my top cover ups at the beach, so I’m calling it a beach tie, end of discussion, LOL. 🙂 Note: If you don’t have a sleeveless button up printed top, you can easily pair your black maxi with a regular top or tee shirt.

Add a Belt

This is for sure the simplest way to elevate a black maxi and there are so many different types of belts you can pair it with. Need I say more.

I hope these 8 ways inspire you to add little flair to your black maxi dress.

Loving my black dress from Sozy? Click here to shop it and other comfortable, stylish pieces.

Till next time!


Deidra Marie


Hi Everyone!

It’s been awhile since my last post. Taking care of an infant and back from maternity leave so I guess life just happened and I’m just living it. Just dropping by to share a few of my fall photos at the pumpkin patch with one of my faves. This was such a fun day and one of my first times out with friends since having my little Charleekins. Don’t worry, we were masked up the entire time with the exception of when we took photos. Every year I head out to DJ’s Berry Patch to capture some fall shots with a few of my blogger babes and I also shoot a lot of fall sessions out here for clients. This has been a strange year and the first year I haven’t shot a client at this location. I had a family session booked at this location, but because of COVID, the pumpkin patch closed early for the season and we had to relocate. If this isn’t a small description of what 2020 has been like, I don’t know what is. 2020 is the year of changed plans and improvising. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos. We had a lot fun shooting them and what’s fall without a visit to at least one pumpkin patch, right? 😊

Coming soon to the blog, I’ll be counting down Christmas with a few of my fave holiday looks I put together for 2020. Also, later this week, I’ll be sharing a few of my fall family photos. For those who have been following along for awhile, you know I take one family photo with everyone at my house in the back yard every year on Thanksgiving Day. Well, COVID means the only family photo I got this year was one of me, hubby and baby C, so needless to say, Thanksgiving was a little different this year, but happy to have shared it with the two loves of my life in a safe and healthy way.

See you all back here soon! Stay safe and healthy y’all!


Deidra Marie


Deidra is my name and thrifting is my game. In case you’re new to the blog, you should know I’m all about the thrift. I love finding old original pieces. The main reason I started this blog was to be apart of the mission to reduce waste and shop sustainably. One of the ways I do this is by shopping second hand. Believe it or not, the US is facing a major over supply of items in thrift shops. The best way to help alleviate this issue is to shop thrift and vintage. Every time you shop second hand pieces that’s one less item taking up space in a local thrift store. It’s a great way to reduce inventory in stores and the amount of items being dumped and forgotten about in landfills all over the country.

Want to get started on your thrifting journey? Check out a few of my 2020 favorite local thrift stores and online stores at the lists below:

Online Vintage/Thrift Shops

I’ve linked all the Instagram handles to my favorite online vintage and thrift shops. Every single shop has dope vintage pieces, most of which are 90’s pieces that are bright, colorful and bold.


The Cru Look

Felicia Faye Vintage

Thrifted Finds and Coffee Grinds

Connie J Vintage Finds

Washington Avenue

The Dream Vintage

Brass Buttons Velvet Ropes


Keep scrolling for a list of all my favorite local vintage/thrift shops…

Local Thrifts

Thrift 2 Gift

Definitely a spot you must know about. It’s tucked away a few minutes from NC State campus. I’ve found a lot gems in this spot. It’s the ultimate thrift spot and great if you’re looking for a quite shopping experience


Do I even need to explain this one? There are Goodwill’s all over the country and you can really never go wrong with a trip to this spot.

Raleigh Rescue Mission

I have found so many vintage pieces in this location that I’ll treasure forever. They also sell dishes, furniture and just a whole bunch of random stuff you may appreciate.

Plato’s Closet

For those looking for second hand name brand items at a low cost this is the spot for you. They have a lot of different name brands for men and women. I even found a cute pair of unworn Tory Burch flats from here at a great price!

Clothes Mentor

This is definitely a spot to find women’s second hand wear to work pieces. I’ve gotten a lot of work pieces from here that are tailored, clean and great for the office. Some of the brands I’ve snagged from this spot include Loft, Ann Taylor, Talbots, The Limited, Jones New York just to name a few.

Cause for Paws Thrift Shop

This spot is right up the street from my house and a few minutes away from Downtown. I can always find the most unique clothing pieces and I’ve gotten some vintage dishes that I restored out of this shop as well.

The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center

This is another spot that never fails me. I’ve found some cute blazers from the 80’s in this store and it’s conveniently right up the street from my house.

Uptown Cheapskate

I’ve scored big at this spot on several occasions. I can always find the cutest skirts and tops and I’ve donated a lot of pieces to this store as well. They carry brands like H&M, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle and list goes on.

I hope this list is helpful.

Happy shopping.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie