I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting my skin to change as dramatically as it did post pregnancy, but it did. About a month after having my little one I started to notice the texture of my skin change. I lost that pregnancy glow over time and my skin started to be rough to the touch and there were a few dry patchy spots on my forehead and around my mouth and chin. I hadn’t changed anything in my routine or change any of the skincare products I was using so I was unsure what exactly was happening to my skin. After a bit of research, I found out that your skin can become very dry and patchy after having a child due to hormonal shifts. Some women even report their skin losing that tightness or firmness it once had. So you know me, I’m not about that life. I figured the best way to combat all the post pregnancy skin issues would be to change up my skincare routine, so for the past week or so I’ve added two new skincare products to my routine. Keep scrolling for more…

Currently, I do a simple cleanse with the Nuria Purifying Cleanser. I follow-up by moisturizing with the Nuria Calm Daily Moisturizer. I’m currently using witch hazel to tone and the Nuria Facial Mist to refresh throughout the day. I also started using the Sacred Mama Organics Beauty Oil to protect and use as a preventive measure for anti-aging. All of these products are new to my beauty stash and have provided great results over the past week. The patchy spots on my forehead, around my mouth and chin have cleared up and my skin again feels soft to the touch. I’m noticing that if I perform this process twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) my skin stays moisturized and the breakouts I was having on my face don’t happen as often. As I have mentioned in past blogposts, I do have eczema. My eczema hasn’t flared up in years, but unfortunately, after having my little one I started to see some flare ups on my shoulders , arms and my back. I started using my baby’s Tubby Todd All Over Ointment and that has helps clear up the breakouts in those areas. If you’re a mom you know all to well about stretch marks. I’ve been using my Earth Kissed Beauty Mother Nature Nourishing Butter which is great for postpartum use.

I think it’s good to switch out your skincare products and change up your routine every now and then. I think with our bodies constantly changing over time, you have to choose products that are conducive to the change. I wasn’t expecting my skin to change so dramatically after pregnancy, but making the transition to new product lines and mixing them with some old faithful products that have been in my skincare routine for years is awesome and it’s not so bad. It was actually a pretty easy transition if you ask me. After having a baby in 2020 you learn very quickly to adjust to all life has to throw at you and my skincare routine is no exception to that. Here’s to change and making smooth transitions.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie


Packing is hard. Packing for a trip out of town is even harder. Making sure all your favorite clean beauty brands make the cut for your trip is also a challenge. If you’re like me, you want to pack the whole world. Last year, right before my trip to Costa Rica, I made a promise to myself to pack lighter, to be more logical about my packing and overall improve the way I pack things. Long story short, I promised myself I’d pack less, LOL. 😂  This seems minor to most, but to me it’s a big deal. I have this huge fear of not packing enough and not having clothes to fit every possible occasion or instance that may take place while on vacation. Mostly because, being a blogger means bringing along your products for styled shoots. While I’ve gotten better about packing less clothing, I’ve significantly improved in packing hygiene and beauty products too. Like with my clothes, I had to be honest with myself and really ask the infamous questions “Do I need this?” “Will I use this?”. After having a heart to heart with myself and really taking the time to address some of my packing anxiety, I’ve narrowed down my beauty products to simple 5 clean products that are small, easy to pack and don’t take up an enormous amount of space. My formula is Cleanse + Tone + Moisturize + Protect + Maintain = Five simple clean beauty products to pack for your trip out of town.


This product is really all you need to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. It’s thick, but very light-weight and creamy. It leaves my skin super shiny and supple to the touch. I need all day stay and this body butter always does the trick.


I usually travel to warmer places for vacation and require body and face sunscreen protectant. This stuff is thick, clean and gets the job done.


I pack the travel size bottle everywhere I go. FYI, you can get this from Target for a few bucks. For those who don’t know, this is a great skin toner and really is great at getting that excess dirt your facial cleanser doesn’t quite catch.


This light weight oil couples as a make-up remover and skin moisturizer. It keeps my face and body feeling super smooth and soft and gets that first grimy layer of make-up off with ease. Obviously it’s best to follow up with a facial cleanser and toner, just an FYI.


I have not seen this cleanser in travel size, but you can always buy one of those plastic travel size bottles and squirt some in there. I’ve been using this cleanser for a few months now it truly is the It gets my face squeaky clean without the drying out feeling at the end.

I hope this helped.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie


So we’ve talked about skin masking and covered all you need to know about detoxing, but what about a fool proof night time skin routine. I know, I know, there are so many layers to this skin care business, no skin pun intended. Have good night time routine is crucial to optimal skin health. A long a grueling day of hitting the streets are skin is practically screaming love. Think about the toxins, dirt and dust in the air your skin comes in contact with on a daily basis. Your night time routine is where you reset the skin from a long days work and replenish during sleep time, so why not use products that make this process quick and easy and not to mention, clean.

Since cold weather in NC is here to stay and I have dry skin, Earth-Kissed Beauty has been the ultimate life saver. I keep my night time routine pretty simple for the most and I’m sharing my step by step process to a easy peezy night time routine that’s quick and painless, LOL because I don’t have time for all that other stuff.


Step 1 is to ALWAYS cleanse. You want to get all that dirt and grim from the day off your body and face and any good skin care routine includes a thorough cleansing process. I typically cleanse my face and body in the shower. Adjusting the temperature to a luke warm water for face, as hot water tends to dry the face out and irritate the skin. My current cleanser of choice is the Trader Joes Spa Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil. For body I use Dove for Sensitive Skin.


Toner is the next step in this quick and easy process. I use a cotton pad to apply my toner to my face. Currently using Thayers Witch hazel Facial Toner UnscentedUsing a toner is the best way to capture any left over dirt your cleanser didn’t get and is also great for balancing the ph levels of your skin. After cleansing, ph levels are typically not balanced.


Nearing the end of this process with restoring the moisture back into your skin. That’s where Earth-Kissed Beauty products come into play. I’m currently using and LOVING the Renewal Night Cream and Lavender Vanilla Body Butter. These have been staples in my routine since the summer and I’ll continue to keep them around because my skin is loving it.

You see, skin care doesn’t have to be stressful and reducing the amount of products I use at night has given me sweet dreams. The way my life is, less is best. My advice, keep your routine clean and simple and it’s pretty much fool proof.

Hope this info was helpful. Till next time, friends.


Deidra Marie