Dreaming of plaid. We all know it’s no secret that I’m plaid obsessed and specifically around this time I go way overboard with the print. This year, I had the bright idea of mixing all the plaids in my closet to remix my wardrobe and try something new. I’m no stranger to print mixing, but mixing the plaids is definitely a new one for me. There’s legit a science to this because you don’t want to look like your going to a tacky day event and mixing prints can get tacky real quick if you don’t do it the right way, so today on the blog, I’ll share a few tips on mixing plaids for an effortless, fashion forward look that makes you look like one of the cool kids, yeah I said it, LOL. 🙂 😝


Sometimes, all you need is to mix plaids that have at least one of the same color in it. I have the color navy in my blazer and plaid pants and that same color is reflected in my shoes too. This ties it all together and the outfit flows a whole lot better that way. There are exceptions to this. You don’t have to match all the time, but if you’re a plaid mixing newbie, finding the same color in all your separate pieces is a great beginners choice. I don’t typically play it safe, as I’m sure you already know, but for this I will.


I like to break up my plaids with a solid color. I did a white top to break up my plaid pants and jacket. You can easily break it up with a black or neutral color. This is a great way to play it safe if you’re new to the plaid mixing game.


Usually, I’m a little crazier with my accessories, blending whatever feels good at the moment, but for this look, I kept it simple and added a mustard yellow hat to draw in the yellow in my pants and did all over gold accessories. Sometimes, if nothing else is matching and you want to match head to toe, using your accessories to bring the whole look together is key.


So you don’t want to look like a total train wreck, so if you’re gonna mix prints, and if you’re gonna to mix plaids, your make-up look is key too. It’s kind of like your hair; I can’t stand dressing up if my hair isn’t done, it just throws the whole look off if you know what I mean, maybe you don’t, but still, LOL. 😂  I’m a simple girl when it comes to make-up, with the exception of pageants, I try to keep it simple and just do a bold lip. Consider your make-up look when attempting to pull a mixed plaids look together. It’s easy for this to go south fast, so I always say keep it simple, but fun with the makeup and don’t take yourself too seriously. I opted for the Lava Lamp red lip gloss by Ouifresh. Shop this lippy here if you’re diggin it as much as I am.

By the way, my mustard yellow beret and plaid blazer are both thrifted finds. The beret was a whopping $1 and I can’t quite remember the price of the blazer, but is was dirt cheap. Say it with me guys #winning.

Anyway, I hope this helps kick start your plaid mixing adventures.

Till next time!


Deidra Marie


I love and hate rainy days. This is totally weird, but I prefer a gloomy day to a sunny day. The sun is so harsh on my skin, so the perfect day would be a nice 73 degrees with overcast. My best friend, Nat, says I’m a vampire. I have my reasons, overcast is a photographers dream, just saying. Okay, so I love rainy days because I get to pull out my wackiest outfits and nobody can say anything about it. Okay, if they do say something about it, it’s not to my face, so there you have it, 😆. I feel like rainy days call for minimal effort with maximum color. It’s one of the few times color is absolutely necessary to me. Because it’s so gloomy, I like to wear the brightest of brightest looks with some fun rain boots of course.

So here in NC it’s been raining just about every day this week. I’m pretty much over it at this point because I’ve run out of outfit ideas and I’m also not a fan of cold rainy days. Like I said, I like a nice 73 degrees or so. Seattle is one of those places where I’d love to live because it’s gloomy and rainy, yes, I’m weird, sue me. So a typically rainy day OOTD for me would be a fun bright rain jacket, a cute tee or blouse and my ankle length rain boots.




Coat | Jeans | Boots

This fun pink transparent rain coat is from ASOS. Link to this super cute coat is above along with my mom jeans and rain boots. The pink polka top is thrifted from Plato’s closet. If you don’t know by now, I rock a thrifted piece with just about every look I put together. It’s my way of supported the sustainable fashion initiative and reducing the amount of clutter going in our local thrifts. Here’s to making smart fashion choices while still looking cute doing it. Oh, by the way, before you go, I’m rocking my favorite lip gloss from Oui Fresh, you know what it is, Sabrina of course. This color goes with all my looks so you know I couldn’t resist.

Tell me, what’s your rainy look? What are your go to rainy day colors? Drop your comments in the comment box. Would love to hear from you!

Till next time lovelies 💕 💕


Deidra Marie


This past weekend I had a laundry list of things to do. Well, every weekend I have a laundry list of things to do, but let’s just say I’ve been working, working hard to build connections, network and support other women in the business of doing business. There’s something super special about randomness. I met Kathleen at the NC Art Museum last year; she was taking photos for an up and coming blogger/vlogger and I was just snapping pics with the family because that’s just what I do. In any case, we exchanged numbers and agreed to collaborate sometime in the future. The collaboration happened this past Friday, at the Target make-up isle because who doesn’t love having meetings in the Target make-up isle? LOL😆  and I know, only a year later did we clear our schedules for a meet up. I guess this is what it means to be booked and busy. Having only seen this beautiful person once, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it would be magical. I feel like we’ve been kicking it for years. There is something amazing about women supporting other women. It’s so important in the content creation world. We are what we support, what we stand for, what we make of situations. I just happened to take a random meet up and make it an opportunity to love on my new friend and support her beautiful photography business, Kathleen Nolis Photography. She definitely has an eye for the romantic. You should check her work out.

An amazing blogger once told me, in reference to increasing engagement, that you have to give love to get love. I have never forgotten this advice and have taken it with me through this blogging and photography journey. I’m a natural cheerleader, I root people on because our words our powerful and can be used to catapult people to amazing new heights. I also love seeing the fruit of encouragement. Sometimes, people just need a loving word to move past self-doubt, disbelief, low confidence. I know, I need a word everyday because negativity creeps in more often than you think. Although, I must admit, it’s easier to pick others up than it is to pick myself up sometimes>>>honesty alert, I don’t have it all together, despite what my Facebook and IG appear to tell you.

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So I ask, who are you rooting for today? What are you rooting for today? Who have you loved on today? Have you made an effort to spark a fire in something or someone?

And as I end this post, recognize that all problems can be solved by making a short trip through the  Target make-up isle, nah, j/k, but in all seriousness, lets take the time to root our friends on and even strangers, cheer for them too because you never know where your this may lead you. Encourage, build up, pour into, love on and push those around you. All this is done through our words and good old fashion collaboration. Take time to meet new people, you never know where it may lead you. In this special case, it lead me to Target, with this beautiful soul.

Oh by the way, before I go, this dope vintage blazer I’m wearing is from Felicia Faye Vintage. Check her site out and grab you a few colorful pieces to brighten up that wardrobe of yours.

Till next time.

Deidra Marie