I’ve been preoccupied with prepping for my conference in Hawaii this week and completely forgot to share all the deets on this cute outfit. Some of you may have seen it featured on my IG and Facebook page, but for those who don’t follow along on those social media channels, thought I’d spread the love here. This was for sure one of my all-time fav winter looks and I’d go as so far as to say it’s one of my fav looks from 2018. Got this cute festive floral dress from Rugged Warehouse for $12.00. I know, it was hard for me to believe too. As for the hot pink beret, this beauty was found at a cute little thrift shop in Apex, NC along with a few other colored berets you’ve probably seen me wear on the blog a few times.

Anyway, I’ll end this post by sharing a few fashion goals for 2019, so keep scrolling.




Shop sustainably like I’ve been doing, I’ll always support my local thrift, consignment and IG vintage shops. This is a great way to give back while reducing the clutter in thrift shops.

Build up the courage to rock some leather pants. I’ve felt like my thighs were too big for this look, but I’ve definitely seen so many great women rock this look who are a bit curvier on the bottom and I’m slowly building up the courage to do the same.

Donate 1 of unused clothing this year. I’ve built up quite a collection of clothes over the years so it’s time to purge and donating is a great way to give back help out my community.

Remix and rework the clothes I already have. My wardrobe is full to capacity so it’s definitely not a bad idea to start reusing and restyling clothes that I already in my closet.

Invest in better quality activewear. I’ve been working out really hard at the gym but my activewear hasn’t. I need activewear that works as hard as I do and last longer so I’m making it a point to purchase activewear that is of good quality and is breathable.

Well, guess that’s it for now. Stay tuned for some Hawaii content. Can’t wait to capture this beautiful island and it’s wonder.


Deidra Marie.


Good Friend and Guest Blogger, Shanelle Ebanks

It is the season of giving! When I go shopping, aside from a specific need, I like to make memories.  Isn’t that what quality gift giving is all about anyway?!?!  I like to gifts that:

  • Reinforce that I see you and speak to who you are
  • Remind us of moments we’ve shared
  • Hopefully make us laugh and/or cry
  • Support dreams and goals we’ve discussed or I may hold for you
  • Are an experience

I love the off beaten, eccentric, quirky, hole-in-the wall, hidden gems for gifts. In general, I want you to have something unique and truly special.  Here are just a few of my favs.

Grab a great book…ok who are we kidding, books from Quail Ridge Book Store, Letters Bookshop, or  Reader’s Cornerand then head over to Tin Roof Teasto get some amazing loose leaf tea and infused honey. Heading into winter you need just the right tea(s) and a great read to cozy up on the couch with. If you are really living on the edge, pick up a CD or record from Reader’s Corner or Carolina Soul Recordsand add some great tunes to the mix.  (I know it’s old school but I promise it’s a different listening experience and records DO sound different).  Don’t forget the whole body! Treat yourself (and others) to the healing soaps, moisturizers, and essential oils of Aly Willowand top it off with a massage, there are SO many spas to choose from in the Triangle.

When I have no idea what to get, there are a few stores I love to get inspired by and wander through.  Give yourself a little time and just get lost in these gems, Deco, Dolly’s Vintage, Exotique, Parker and Otis, Morgan Imports, NOFO @ the Pig and Relish Craft Kitchen and Bourbon Barhas a cute little section of NC centric gifts (eat something when you pop in to shop).

There are of course a few old faithfuls. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the NC State Farmers Market. There’s an entire building of cute handmade goods and food, but I always get in trouble with plants (what’s better than giving someone life and better air quality) and the fresh food. Pick up a cook book in one of those great book stores, find a recipe and pick up the ingredients to cook together!  Grab some awesome spices and sauces from Savory Spiceand olive oil from The Olive Wagon.  Food is love! The Raleigh Flea Market at the NC State Fairgroundsis amazing. The vendors and merchandise change and you never know what you’ll find. Go peruse, shop, get your step count in! It’ll be great!

**Shameless plug** don’t forget the precious little ones in your life. Check out my Simply Unforgettable Etsy shopfor some warm and creative handmade baby and toddler blankets and more.

I also love to gift an experience. Don’t be afraid to get a specific gift card or make a coupon (hello Canva) for an experience.  Things like wine and design classes, cooking classes, golf, bowling, escape room, barcade, wine tasting and/or vineyard tour, etc. But, I SO want to go axe throwing; I’ve heard good things about Urban Axesand Epic Axe Throwing & Social House.  Feel free to invite me!!  😉Don’t forget, Groupon is your friend!

Whatever you get, don’t forget the perfect wrapping, the present is theentireexperience. While I’m a huge fan of wrapping a present in the comics section of the paper, sometimes you just have to step your game up with a perfectly paired card and awesome wrapping. For this, check out If It’s Paperor Paper Source.  Paper Source also has some great cute gifts too!


Happy shopping and remember “He who giveth good gifts, receiveth good gifts.” I really want to say that came from the Bible or Confucius, but we both know I just made that up.  I hope you find great gifts, but also really enjoy experience of the hunt for the perfect gifts.

Happy Holidays!


I’ve been in bed for the past few days watching sappy love movies and eating really bad snack food, so looking at these pics for this post is now motivating me to get up and wash this mop of mine and get a workout in to avoid gaining any holiday break weight before my trip to Hawaii. I’m also realizing I haven’t shared any post about my vintage finds lately. The cute blue jacket I’m rocking in this post is from the Durham Rescue Mission. This is the spot to find 80’s and 90’s clothing to give you just the right vibe of vintage nostalgia. I’ve had a lot of people ask what thrift and vintage stores I shop so I’m dedicating this post to a list of my past fav and some new shops I’ve been buying from lately. To those who are just tuning in to the CCC blog, I’m an avid vintage and thrift store clothing shopper. A large percentage of my wardrobe is thrifted, consignment and vintage finds from all over. I’ve incorporated this into my personal style over the past few years for the simple fact that I love finding rare pieces you can’t find anywhere else and also because I’m a big supporter of sustainable fashion and making sustainable fashion decisions. With that being said, you’ll often find me rocking a newer piece remixed with vintage pieces I’ve picked on my travels, online or here in the Raleigh-Durham area. One of the main messages that I want to send to my readers is that fashion can be fun, affordable and reusable. With that being said, I’ve listed some of my fav vintage shops from online and in the local area. Hope you’re able to stop by and support these businesses and remix your wardrobe a little.




Enjoy! 😊 😉 😊 😉



  1. Felicia Faye Vintage @_feliciafaye_vintage
  2. The Dream Vintage @thedreamvintage
  3. Long Liv Vintage @longlivvintage
  4. Vin’tij Kandi Boutique Vintage @vintijkandi
  5. Chocolate Shop Vintage @chocolateshopvintage
  6. Cool. Retro. Urban @thecrulook
  7. Kira’s @kiras_choice
  8. Vintage Vixen Boutique @_vintagevixenboutique
  9. Vintaged Love @vintagedlove
  10. Connie J Vintage Finds @conniejvintagefinds


  1. GoodWill 
  2. Dorcas Thrift Shop
  3. Raleigh/Durham Rescue Mission
  4. Thrift 2 Gift
  5. FiFi’s Fine Resale Apparel 
  6. Father and Son
  7. Bargain Box
  8. Uptown Cheapskate
  9. Clothes Mentor
  10. Plato’s Closet

I hope this list was helpful and I wish you happy thrifting this holiday season.

Till next time, lovelies.


Deidra Marie