This past weekend I had a laundry list of things to do. Well, every weekend I have a laundry list of things to do, but let’s just say I’ve been working, working hard to build connections, network and support other women in the business of doing business. There’s something super special about randomness. I met Kathleen at the NC Art Museum last year; she was taking photos for an up and coming blogger/vlogger and I was just snapping pics with the family because that’s just what I do. In any case, we exchanged numbers and agreed to collaborate sometime in the future. The collaboration happened this past Friday, at the Target make-up isle because who doesn’t love having meetings in the Target make-up isle? LOLšŸ˜† Ā and I know, only a year later did we clear our schedules for a meet up. I guess this is what it means to be booked and busy. Having only seen this beautiful person once, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it would be magical. I feel like we’ve been kicking it for years. There is something amazing about women supporting other women. It’s so important in the content creation world. We are what we support, what we stand for, what we make of situations. I just happened to take a random meet up and make it an opportunity to love on my new friend and support her beautiful photography business, Kathleen Nolis Photography. She definitely has an eye for the romantic. You should check her work out.

An amazing blogger once told me, in reference to increasing engagement, that you have to give love to get love. I have never forgotten this advice and have taken it with me through this blogging and photography journey. I’m a natural cheerleader, I root people on because our words our powerful and can be used to catapult people to amazing new heights. I also love seeing the fruit of encouragement. Sometimes, people just need a loving word to move past self-doubt, disbelief, low confidence. I know, I need a word everyday because negativity creeps in more often than you think. Although, I must admit, it’s easier to pick others up than it is to pick myself up sometimes>>>honesty alert, I don’t have it all together, despite what my Facebook and IG appear to tell you.

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So I ask, who are you rooting for today? What are you rooting for today? Who have you loved on today? Have you made an effort to spark a fire in something or someone?

And as I end this post, recognize that all problems can be solved by making a short trip through the Ā Target make-up isle, nah, j/k, but in all seriousness, lets take the time to root our friends on and even strangers, cheer for them too because you never know where your this may lead you. Encourage, build up, pour into, love on and push those around you. All this is done through our words and good old fashion collaboration. Take time to meet new people, you never know where it may lead you. In this special case, it lead me to Target, with this beautiful soul.

Oh by the way, before I go, this dope vintage blazer I’m wearing is fromĀ Felicia Faye Vintage. Check her site out and grab you a few colorful pieces to brighten up that wardrobe of yours.

Till next time.

Deidra Marie

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