My hair has been getting so spoiled these past few months from amazing conditioners and shampoo,s to amazing hair cuts from my new favorite natural hair specialist and now, I get to rest these kinks and coils  on the finest of silk pillowcases. I own a satin pillowcase, but nothing beats the quality of some good ol fashion silk. The satin pillowcase is just fine, but I can surely tell the difference after sleeping on the MyKSilk pillowcase for the past few weeks. I’ve partnered with MyKSilk and they sent me the most amazing pillowcase a girl could ever want in the prettiest purple too. Some of us ladies don’t often think about the fabrics we rest our lovely locks on every night, but believe it or not, it makes a huge difference in the health and wellness of our hair. I’ve been working real hard to make sure my hair grows healthy and long for my pageant in April and one of the ways I’m trying to achieve this goal is by being more conscious of the fabrics I rest my head on every night. Cotton is an absolute no no for my hair. It causes major tangles and dry out. Using the MyKSilk pillowcase has made a huge difference with that. My hair has less tangles and I noticed my hair is retaining a lot more moisture than usual.  I know my hair looks a bit dry in these pics, but this is day 11 of an old wash n go style. Not bad, huh?

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Besides being way more affordable than most silk, the MyKSilk pillowcases are chemical-free, and made of 100% Mulberry silk. In other words, your hair and skin will thank you in the end. Tis the season for spreading the lovely, so in honor of the month of love I’m offering all my readers 15% off the entire MyKSilk website when you use code: Deidra15. Treat your hair to a silky experience this month. And, if you’re not on the hunt for a pillowcase, MyKSilk sells a plethora of other items you should definitely check out, like silk sleepwear, silk accessories and even silk bed sheets. I’m pretty confident there is something for everybody, so treat that loved one to some silk so fine.


Deidra Marie

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