Let us all give a round of applause to the man who did virtually all the driving whilst touring the Northshore while I had my feet up on the dashboard with a hat over my eyes straight chilling. We were lost for a while trying to find the cool private beaches where the locals surf. Ended up back at Makena beach again. I’m cool with that though. There was plenty of surfing going on there and the waves were amazing. Not that I know a lick about surfing, LOL.¬†Confession, I may or may not have used a bottle of water to wash my hair this day, LOL. Don’t ask, really.

By the way, peep Charles using a map instead of his Apple GPS to navigate, LOL. He is such an old soul. He asked me if I knew anything about maps, I was like yeah, I love that song by Maroon 5.

In other news, after this trip we hit up 2 very fancy Target’s in Hawaii, because who doesn’t go to Target in every city they visit? If you’re ever in Waikiki, make sure to visit their 3 story Target, it’s a dream, really.

I’ll be posting a few more blogpost about my trip. We did so many things while we were here so I have a lot of content coming at you. Stay tuned. By the way, my Hakuna Matata tee is from 5 and Below and the jeans are from our impromptu trip to Target.

See you all next week!


Deidra Marie

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