After the conference, we only had 2 1/2 days to explore the North Shore of Oahu. Charles and I literally jam-packed as many activities as we could into these 2 days. Talk about exhausting. From sun up to sun down we organized activities to really get a full look at the island as much as we could. First stop was a visit to CLIMB Works to do a bit of ziplining. It was by far my favorite zipline experience to date, although zip lining over gators in Saint Augustine, Florida comes in at a strong second place. We met the sweetest newlywed couple who snapped a few shots of Charles and I doing what we do best, acting cray cray, LOL. We also met another couple who also snapped some super cool pics of us. They were zip lining to celebrate his 47th birthday. Allow me to add that this dude didn’t look a day over 35, just saying. Later in the day, we grabbed some grub at this amazing local Hawaiian spot. I had a grilled pineapple vegetable sandwich and some tasty fries. We then headed back to Makena beach again because clearly we can’t get enough of this darn place. The next day, we headed to Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve and did a full day of touring there. For those who don’t know, Kualoa Ranch is  famous for their beautiful landscape which is often used as the backdrop for many famous movies and television shows such as, Jurassic Park, Jumanji, Snatched, Lost, Hawaii 5.0 and 50 First Dates, just to  name a few.



Keep scrolling for pics of the full Kualoa Ranch tour.

Best tour guide EVER

A sweet Aussie we met on our tour

Where they shot Jurassic World

Caught in the rain…forest

Looks so cool, huh?

Cute kids doing a walking tour of the ranch

Cute ponchos because it started to pour down.

Helicopter from a movie set

She was so enthusiastic talking about the movies

Chinaman’s hat

Pointing to another historic view

Charles hat, LOL 😂

My yummy veggie and pineapple grilled sandwich 😋

So, these aren’t all my pics, but this gives you an idea of what we were dealing with. It’s the most beautiful landscape, huh?  I have so many more pics I want to share from the tour as we did do a total of 3 tours while we were there so stay tuned for part II of our Kualoa Ranch adventures.

Till next time good people.


Deidra Marie

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