This year has been and will continue to be the year of self-care. I’ve gone back and forth with different skin products to really narrow down my skin routine and I think this year I’ve finally got it down to a science. So, here’s a little skin update for you. Here’s hoping my skin routine gives you an idea of things you can do to help maintain healthy skin throughout the year or perhaps it will be just the encouragement you need to make a few routine tweaks.

So, to start, I must share that I change my skin routine about twice a year to accommodate the weather change, using heavier more moisturizing products in the winter months and rotating to lighter skin products and thinner oils in the summer. I have dry skin so my main goal is to maintain moisture. Some of you have heard me talk about my eczema and Hidradentitis Supprativa otherwise know as HS, an auto immune skin condition that causes painful lesions in the armpit and groin areas. With these conditions in mind, I have to be extra careful and strategic of what products I use on my skin as it is ultra sensitive to fragrance and certain ingredients.


1.  Morning: I use a dollop size amount of the Trader Joes Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum. This product provides long-lasting moisture and is great for those with skin that doesn’t hold moisture for a full day. I follow-up with a light moisturizing facial cream by Trader Joe’s, lately I’ve been using the Trader Joe’s skincare line because the ingredients are all natural and gentle on skin. And finally, I add less than a dime size amount of the Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Face Lotion with 15 SPF. This is a great moisturizer as well as a light sun protectant. I’m not in the sun often throughout the day, but it does beam through my car while I’m driving, so I try to protect my skin from those harsh UV rays. On days where I get a lot of sun exposure, which is usually on vacation, I use a stronger face moisturizer SPF, like Neutrogena or Eucerin.

2. Night: At night, I cleanse with luke warm water and Acure Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser and follow-up with a dollop of the Trader Joe’s serum and facial moisturizer.

NOTE: Every now and then my face needs an extra boost of moisture. When that is that case, my go to moisture boost is the Burts Bees Hydrating Sheet Face Sheet Mask. I try to do these every other week or before a big pageant or appearance.


  1. Morning: I cleanse with Dove for sensitive skin. I alternate between the bar and cream. For moisture, I use the Earth Kissed Beauty Sweet Body Butter. In the winter, for extra extra moisture, I add a dab of avocado oil or apricot oil. Both are great for moisture and reducing the appearance of fine lines. During the summer I use light oils like Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil to moisturize
  2.  Night: At night, it’s pretty much the same routine except I don’t use much oil at night as that needs time to really sink into each layer of your skin and laying down to go to bed, it will just rub off.



Keep scrolling for some other skincare tips.

So all these products are great, but they mean nothing without focusing on habits and behaviors. What I mean is, these products coupled with a healthy diet and exercise really take your skin from good to great. That being said, I try to get at least 4 servings or more of vegetables in my diet everyday and have been working super super hard to consume 128oz or a gallon of water a day. It’s hard, and sometimes I don’t make it, but with hard work and conscious effort, I’m improving. Please note, vegetables and fruit contain a lot of water, so if you’re eating the required amount everyday, there is no need to down a gallon of water everyday, just so you know. Here are some more skin routine tips.

  • If you’re a coffee drinker, make sure to drink twice as much water as coffee is a diuretic and can dry you out.
  • Change and clean your pillowcases and sheets often, there are a lot of built up germs on them that sink into your pores and make for a bad skin day.
  • Wear SPF everyday, even if the sun isn’t out. When you don’t see sun, it’s because it’s covered by clouds and that doesn’t mean you’re protected.
  • Wash your face with luke luke warm water, hot water dries your face out.
  • Get a good nights sleep, sleep recharges your skin and helps with skin cell turn over.
  • If you have sensitive skin, just stay away from products with harsh fragrance. It’ll just irritate your skin and cause more problems.
  • Read your labels! Everything that’s “Natural” or “Organic” is not necessarily good for you.
  • Exfoliate and do a mask every now and then. It helps get rid of dead skin and gives the skin a moisture boost. FYI, I’ve been exfoliating with the Earth Kissed Beauty Chamomile Peace Body Scrub. 
  • Don’t sleep with make-up on. It’ll age you.
  • Reduce your sugar in-take and eat more foods and drink more beverages that promote skin health. Sugar and alcohol unfortunately, won’t cut it.

Well, I hope these tips were super helpful. I know it seems exhausting to do all this but, you’ll thank yourself when you turn 50 and your skin looks like you’re 30.

Till next time!


Deidra Marie

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