I love and hate rainy days. This is totally weird, but I prefer a gloomy day to a sunny day. The sun is so harsh on my skin, so the perfect day would be a nice 73 degrees with overcast. My best friend, Nat, says I’m a vampire. I have my reasons, overcast is a photographers dream, just saying. Okay, so I love rainy days because I get to pull out my wackiest outfits and nobody can say anything about it. Okay, if they do say something about it, it’s not to my face, so there you have it, πŸ˜†. I feel like rainy days call for minimal effort with maximum color. It’s one of the few times color is absolutely necessary to me. Because it’s so gloomy, I like to wear the brightest of brightest looks with some fun rain boots of course.

So here in NC it’s been raining just about every day this week. I’m pretty much over it at this point because I’ve run out of outfit ideas and I’m also not a fan of cold rainy days. Like I said, I like a nice 73 degrees or so. Seattle is one of those places where I’d love to live because it’s gloomy and rainy, yes, I’m weird, sue me. So a typically rainy day OOTD for me would be a fun bright rain jacket, a cute tee or blouse and my ankle length rain boots.




Coat | Jeans | Boots

This fun pink transparent rain coat is from ASOS. Link to this super cute coat is above along with my mom jeans and rain boots. The pink polka top is thrifted from Plato’s closet. If you don’t know by now, I rock a thrifted piece with just about every look I put together. It’s my way of supported the sustainable fashion initiative and reducing the amount of clutter going in our local thrifts. Here’s to making smart fashion choices while still looking cute doing it. Oh, by the way, before you go, I’m rocking my favorite lip gloss from Oui Fresh, you know what it is, Sabrina of course. This color goes with all my looks so you know I couldn’t resist.

Tell me, what’s your rainy look? What are your go to rainy day colors? Drop your comments in the comment box. Would love to hear from you!

Till next time lovelies πŸ’•Β πŸ’•


Deidra Marie

2 thoughts on “RAINY DAY OOTD

    • mmdeidra

      Thanks so much. I love a good rainy day look! I always feel empowered to wear even more fun colors when it’s gloomy outside. Yes! You can’t go wrong with a good umbrella and a coat with a hoodie. I keep leaving my umbrellas wherever I go, LOL. Hoping the pink one I use to have was found by someone who loves that color as much as I do, LOL. Thanks for sharing your rainy day essentials!

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