I’m a curvy girl, there’s no doubt about that, so finding looks that compliment my pear shape can sometimes be a challenge. The thing I find the most difficult is finding the perfect pant fit as my lower body is fuller in comparison to my upper body. Over the years, I’ve gone through various brands just experimenting with what works for me and it’s no secret that American sizing is inconsistent across the board. That being said, I’ve developed a few hacks that help make getting a good bottom fit just a bit easier.

Hack #1:NO Jeans? Choose a Jumpsuit

Now this is definitely not a cure-all, but has worked for me. I find a pear shape can really look quite flattering in a jumpsuit. Especially if that jumpsuit is form-fitting in all the right places and is able to give you that smooth hour-glass look. There was a time I got so frustrated with finding a perfect pant fit that I opted to try jumpsuits as a temporary fix until I could really find a clothing brand that would compliment my bodies needs. I several jumpsuits in different colors, styles and fabrics and it’s great when I just don’t have anything that’ll fit on the bottom at the time.

Hack #2: Skirts

Okay, so they are not dress pants, but they are an alternative for when you can’t find a good pair of dress pants or jeans that fit right. Most of the time, with skirts, you really only have to worry about a good waist and hip fit. I’ve come to love skirts, particularly when I was gaining weight and none of my pants would fit around my waist. You can do so much with a skirt, add funky tights, layer with a cute statement belt, dress them up and dress them down. The options are endless. And all you really need is a cute mini skirt, a denim skirt and a nice flowy maxi skirt to alternative looks. It’s simple, it’s easy and a great go-to when things at the bottom just aren’t working your way.

Hack # 3 On the go measurement

Sometimes, I don’t have time to try on bottoms and am in a rush. When that happens and you’re not sure you’ll be able to fit the bottoms you’re about to purchase, wrap the waist part of the bottoms around your neck, if you have a bit of room and fabric left after it’s wrapped around the circumference of your neck, the pants will more than likely fit. If it’s  wrapped around your neck, but both ends of the waist don’t reach, it’ll more than likely not fit. Now, keep in mind, this hack isn’t fool-proof, because you must take into consideration your thigh and hip measurements, but most of the time, this trick works for me.



Hack #4 Read your labels

Fabric makes a huge difference in your pant fit. Read the labels of your clothes before you buy them. If it contains a large percentage of nylon or spandex fabric, that means it’s pretty stretchy and can potentially give you all the room you need to fit appropriately. Fabrics like silk and linen will not move and so you have to be very careful as your fit should be perfect with these types of fabrics, especially if the garment you’re purchasing contains 100% of this.

Hack #5: Length

Sometimes it’s not really a fit issue, it’s a length issue. If you have short legs like me, you’ll want to find  pants that really elongate your body and give you the appearance of longer legs. For me, that means buying pants that are full length. A full length, high-waisted pant really makes me look taller and longer, whereas a crop pant, skimmer pant, and even some ankle pants really show how short my legs actually are. There are times where this rule can be broken if styled appropriately. For example, in these post pics, I’m wearing more of an ankle length jumpsuit, but with a tall heel or a pointy toed shoe, this length is just fine as it the tall heel or pointy toe shoe will help balance your look and your body out so things look proportional.

I hope you found these bottom fit hacks helpful. I’m still navigating this myself, but I swear by these hacks as they’ve gotten me through some really frustrating times with bottom fit.

So, before you go, the Oui Fresh lippy I’m rocking in this post is As If. I love this color and how moisturizing all the lippies are. Oui Fresh, you’ve done it again!

Till next time.

Deidra Marie

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