Can you believe it’s already been almost two months since our visit to Hawaii? Boy is 2019 really flying  by like a mighty rushing wind, LOL. I have a few more Hawaii post before I wrap this trip up and move on to other travel content. There’s no way I could go without sharing more of our Kualoa Ranch tour. Wrapping up our tour was sad, but our final tour was a guided food tour around the farms of Kualoa Ranch. We drove around sampling various fruits, dried fish and macadamia nuts as we learned more about traditional Hawaiian foods, rituals and of course rituals that involve traditional Hawaiian food. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgable and showed us a new way to eat papaya. Sprinkling a little lime not the papaya really brings out the different flavors and I must say, I’ll never eat papaya the same way ever again. I was up there cracking nuts, but I’m unfortunately allergic so I wasn’t able to eat any so I just cracked them for other people who were on the tour with us.



Keep scrolling for more pics from the food tour.

Our amazing tour guide cutting some yummy bananas for us

Hawaiian papaya

My sample

The sweetest oranges EVER!

Isn’t he a cutie?

Charles going back for seconds

And thirds, 😆

Dried fish


Tasty lime

Cracking macadamia nuts

Pretty views

Gorgeous table decor, Hawaiian style

More samples

The nutcracker, lol 😂

Now he’s coming back for seconds

His, “Are you ready to go, Deidra? face, 😂

One more sample before leaving

For those making a trip to the beautiful Hawaii, I suggest a food tour visit. While we all know Hawaii for their beaches and amazing Luau’s, their food is equally as amazing. I hope you enjoyed my picks from this tour. Stay tuned because I’ll be wrapping up my Hawaii visit with a few more post to close it all out.

Before you go, since I’ve been chatting about travel on the blog lately, I would love you, my readers, to share some suggested visits in the comment box. Charles and I are currently planning my big graduation trip for the fall and would love your thoughts on where we should go next. Drop your suggestions below! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Till next time.



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