It took me a long time to really nail down my personal style. I’ve been experimenting with different trends and different ways to mix and match things and I’ve come to the realization that I just love everything. If it looks good, I’ll buy it, I’ll wear it and I’ll own it, but one thing I’ve noticed on this personal style journey is that color and vintage or thrifted pieces are always incorporated into my wardrobe. I haven’t really put a label on what my personal style actually is, but if I had too, I’d say it’s Quirky Colorful Chic with a hint of 90’s nostalgia. Every now and then, I show off a few boho pieces but for the most part I’m bright and full of light. One thing I’ll say about personal style is that you can’t really put it in a box or label it. It’s very limiting to only buy one particular style. Hence why thrift and vintage pieces are a thing for me. It’s challenging to try to make these pieces work with more modern items and I love a challenge. More importantly it’s challenging to finds ways in which these items make sense with your personal style. Shopping and putting outfits together should be fun, challenging and exciting so with that here are few tips to nail down your personal style.


Trends have nothing to do with personal style. In fact, it’s the surest way to be put yourself into a box. Trends target consumers in a very special way. They tell you how you should dress for the season and dictate style for you. If you’re trying to nail down your personal style, avoid trends and shop the things you just love, even if its dated or out of season. Trends are about following the masses, personal style is about following yourself so do you!


Before you hit that online store or head to your nearest shopping mall, check your closet. You more than likely already have everything you need to nail down your personal style. I’ve been on this pink thing for a few weeks and something told me to check my closet, and there it was, the cutest pink rain coat and a pink blazer. Understand this, we are creatures of habit, if you’re wanting a pink coat or jacket, chances are you probably already have one in your possession. Just check your closet and start there with getting your personal style down.


When in doubt, always start with denim. Whether it be a denim dress, jeans or even a denim skirt, most people at least own one denim piece. The thing about denim is that it’s all-inclusive. It goes with everything and how we mix and match it really helps determine our personal style. I always rock my mom jeans with a colorful top, blazer, oxfords and oversized trend glasses. How you rock your denim will definitely help you square away your personal style. It’s a great place to start when you have no clue.


Sometimes your shoes and accessories are the starting point to nailing down your personal style. Let’s be honest, no outfit is complete without a cute pair of shoes or a darling scarf or earrings. My outfits would be lackluster without some funky shoes or earrings. Most of my outfits consist of some type of funky shoe, hat or colorful earrings. They really help round out the statement your trying to get across and say a lot about your personal style. Put together a simple outfit and determine your go-to accessories. This is almost always the way I nail down my look and it also speaks to my personal style. Perhaps all you need is a statement necklace to really drive the point home.


Confidence is key. This unfortunately can’t be purchased. I have some wacky looks and get the most stares when I’m in public wearing green pants and a yellow top, but I wear the things I love with confidence because I know before I even speak, people know I’m all about smiles, energy, fun and spontaneity. Almost all the time, how I dress and express myself is a reflection of who I am. Think of your clothing pieces as art and everyday you get to wear a new painting to show off to the world. I never wear the same painting twice and that my friends is personal style. Change it up, style it your way and rock it with confidence because no one will ever wear it like you do!

Till next time friends.

Deidra Marie

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