Headed out to the open field
Double rainbow

I believe this is the last of my Kualoa Ranch photos. This tour was definitely, hands down, without a doubt, my favorite tour. We did a bus tour around the area where they filmed some of the major Jurassic Park scenes. For those Jurassic Park fans (I referring to part I that is) some of this landscape may look super familiar. It’s mostly from the scene where the kids and Alan Grant are running away from the stampede who is running away from the T-Rex and they hide behind this huge tree log so they’re not seen. It truly was an amazing scene and the landscape was the reason why, in my opinion. Anywho, there was a pretty cool movie exhibit on the ranch as well, which was also the place where they recorded most of the hit television show, Lost. We met two retired teachers from the Charlotte, NC area and also saw our first double rainbow. It was absolutely breathtaking. It was our first time seeing a double rainbow and also our first time seeing a rainbows beginning and end. If you ever needed a sign about what’s to come, a rainbow is a great sign! Of course the locals weren’t phased by any of this. They were talking about how they wanted to see snow because they’ve never seen it before. Snow? #imoverit. LOL. 😂

ATV Tour
He hasn’t figured out theres no WiFi in the middle of nowhere, LOL 😂
Tour guide
Movie set skulls
Just grazing
He’s all alone
Cool retiree we met on our tour, she’s from Charlotte
Funny tour guide
Views from the top, or is it the bottom
Chief house
More fake movie set skulls
Gorgeous views
Riding dirty
More movie set stuff
So many movies filmed here
Tour views
Mighty Joe Young
Fake dinos
Remember this movie with the Rock? They love the Rock here.
King Kong
Rolling with the homies
Forgot which movie this was from
In awe
Hawaii Five 0
All the Hollywood films
Wall stuff
All of the lights
Army stuff and such
Pearl Harbor history
My Carlito Bear
Capturing the views
Headed back
Chinaman’s Hat
Bye Bye

Hope you liked the last of my Kualoa Ranch photos. Last stop will be the Dole Plantation. I’m excited to share these photos.

Till next time good peoples.

Deidra Marie

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