Pink, pink and more pink. Celebrating another year of life today. 32 is awesome, that is, the few hours of 32 that I’ve experienced thus far. Hmmm, I suppose I’m required to share a few lessons learned or some enlightening paragraph of how I’ve changed, grown, developed, transformed or whatever, but this year, I’ll just bask in all that is 32, pray for a little sunshine and a free coffee at somebody’s coffee shop today. It’s the simple things in life, right?

Feel free to keep scrolling at all my open mouth confetti pics. If haven’t already received the memo, I get pretty freaking excited about confetti, something about it makes me want to smile. Washed my hair this weekend and found traces of the confetti in my hair, so this begs the question, does confetti love me? There are moments in my life where I wish confetti would fall out of the sky randomly, like after I’ve had an epiphany or witness something miraculous or even when I make out of bed on time. I feel like we should celebrate all the victories, big and small, LOL. But, this is not my world so I’ll just celebrate on the inside and imagine confetti and balloons falling from the sky in my head at random moments, LOL. 😂

Till next time good people.


Deidra Marie


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