Me and my fave blogger friends hit the road last week and headed to DJ’s Berry Patch in Cary, NC to snap some shots that showcase some of our fave fall looks because why not! It’s fall yall! Anywho, I’m so thankful to have teamed up with Blowfish Malibu again to bring you the cutest little fall green booties. I was a bit reluctant to wear them as I was unsure how to style these boots. You all know me, I’m all about the bright colors and this color was certainly a new look for me, but what do you think? Think I pulled off an effortless fall look or nah? LOL 😂

My Blowfish Malibu booties are now a staple in my fall looks for this season. I realize that just because they are not the brightest color in the crayon box, doesn’t mean they don’t get or deserve the same love. With that being said, aside from the look I’m featuring in this post, I plan to challenge myself this fall season and share a few more fall looks with these booties because lets face it, I need to be better about mixing the dark fall pieces with my own colorful flair in my outfits. In this case, I’ve added some fun plaid pants to complete the look and I did some layering. I know, I know, I just can’t help myself when it comes to the colors and prints. Nothing in my closet is practical. Well, nothing in my closet was practical until these booties hit my closet. It’s definitely a game changer now.

So what boots or shoes are you wracking up on or styling this fall?

Till next time.



Deidra Marie



Before you say anything about me already being married, just know that if I had to do it all over again, I’d be getting my gown from Oak City Bridal. This was by far one of the best bridal experiences EVER, minus the fact that I’m not getting married and this was just a shoot to showcase some of the amazing gowns from the Oak City Bridal Collection. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to get all dolled up with make-up and hair and prance around in pretty white gowns for a day? LOL. 😂

For those wondering about Oak City Bridal, they are a fairly new bridal shop in the downtown Raleigh area. They have some of the best bridal gowns and accessories in town and there is literally something for every bride out there with bridal gowns ranging from sizes 0-30. I was surprised to hear about their size selections as this was definitely not a range you would have seen when I got married back in 2011. Not gonna lie, my own bridal gown shopping experience wasn’t really the best, but I really think I’ve made up for it by trying all these mezmerizing gowns from Oak City Bridal that day.

Every bride wants to look and feel their best and most importantly, brides want to have a comfortable, stress-free bridal shopping experience. I’m almost positive you will get that from Oak City Bridal. I stopped in a day before this fun shoot to get fit for the gowns I’d wear for the shoot and Oak City Bridal owner, Stacia, was the sweetest, kindness soul EVER. She really made me feel right at home, we had great conversation and the shop had an array of gown options for me to try on in my size. Never have I ever been somewhere where I fit almost ALL the sample sizes. When I was planning my wedding, I remember that there weren’t many options in my size. As a curvy girl, with curvy friends, I’m so happy to have found a bridal shop that is inclusive, so I can recommend to all my friends who are getting hitched.

Need I say more?

Now, you know I can’t end this post without sharing the IG handles and contact information for the amazing photography, hair and make-up team. They were a dream and I felt like a queen. It really does take a village, huh, LOL 😂 Check out all the amazing talent that made this day possible at their IG handles below:

Photographer: @arikashelest
Venue: @norris.house
Dresses: @oakcitybridal
Hair and Makeup: @wedded Kiss  (Hair Sarah/ Makeup Nina)
Models: @kgazda6889 @sincerelydeidra @withlove_ema
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Deidra Marie 😊


All the Purty things on the blog today. Sometimes I keep it casual and other times I do it dressy casual or what I like to call casual chic. One thing I pride myself on is making casual look cool and really freaking put together. Saturdays are usually the days I try to make my tee’s look super fashionable since I have more time to really think about my look and the vibe I’m feeling for the day. I have a formula to this: SUNNIES+EARRINGS+BOLD LIP+METALLIC SHOES+COOL DENIM=Casual Chic.

Ya see, it’s not rocket science. I strongly believe that with this formula you can’t go wrong. All a good tee needs is some love from their good ole friends accessories and bam, you have something that can take you from day to night just like that. I’m currently digging the new tee’s from Purty and they have some of the best new accessories inventory to take your tee to the next level, I’m purty sure of it, LOL 😂

Loving my very Purty pieces? Well you can Shop my Purty tee here and if you’re so loving my dangly printed earrings, you can shop those babies here or here in another color.

Here’s to making casual the new chic.

Till next time good people.


Deidra Marie