The perfect combo:red door, red kick.
“This is like Instagram heaven!”
Ha! Had a impromptu downtown photo shoot with my girlie sunshadesandsnowflakes (LC) the other day and that’s what she said. Downtown offers the most random spots and walls for the perfect impromptu photo shoot. Of course, we didn’t get down there until about 6ish which meant we were running up and down these city streets racing the sun so our pics could look halfway decent. With Moe’s tortilla chips and queso in hand, I believe it was a good day all in all. We found some great backgrounds and even took part in some parallel parking lessons :).

I’m truly a ball of energy in front and not in front of the camera. I love experimenting with different ways to express my emotions, different ways to contort my body and face and to complete the look, I always wear a smile. Downtown truly has some scenic treasures to adore. I’m not sure why I didn’t explore this place sooner. Well, now that I’m here I shall take more adventures to the downtown area. It’s refreshing to know this stuff is right outside my door.

Till next time!
Deidra Marie

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