Summer is over and i’m having a hard time making the transition from summer days to the cool fall days ahead. I’m being a bit lazy about rummaging through my closet for the layering pieces necessary to complete my wardrobe. When in doubt, wear some cute, trendy leggings and partially thin tops with character. Having not made the trip to my closet for fall pieces, I’ve been surviving off of  trendy accent pieces such as my favorite wood carved necklace. I do hope I find time this week to view potential pieces for fall as the weather is now requiring a medium-weight jacket of some sort. Here are some tips for making the transition to fall attire a bit easier, lazy girl approved.
1. Ask yourself, what can be worn now that is already out and ready to go? You may have a cute hat, purse or accessories that can transition from one season to the next. Add a few season appropriate pieces to it and voila, new look ready to go!
2. Put those tanks, tube tops and shorts away. It’s over! If you absolutely have to do a tank, wear it with a cute blazer or rock it with a nice medium-weight jacket.
3. If your going to wear a skirt, add some trendy looking tights that’ll keep you warm. Skirts always look cute with riding boots as well. NOT UGGS! Just don’t do that please!
4. Change your hair color! Yes, darker hair always looks great for the colder months while lighter hair colors are always an option for the warmer months. Of course, you can always shock people and break the rules. I’m good at that. LOL.
5. You can still wear your flats and peep toes! Add some tights and your feet and legs will stay warm. I  in no way support leg warmers, but that is an option as well. LOL
6. A light weight jacket might not be enough to keep you warm depending on where you live, so layer layer layer. I typically will rock a preppy look and do a cute cable sweater over a fun colored button up with a blazer and oxfords on my feet with thin socks. It’s cute and will keep you warm with all the layers.
Hope these suggestions help. Now if you’ll excuse me while I make the long walk to my closet and get my fall wardrobe out and ready to go. 😦
Deidra Marie

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