Up up and away from the rainy city streets of Raleigh and jump a board The Enchantment of the Seas. Yes, this was me only a week ago, full of life, excitement and a bit of disappointment all rolled into one.
Ya mon, we got to visit the diverse and oh so eclectic city of Nassau, Bahamas. If there is one place your guaranteed to witness the most random things, it would be in the tourist spots of the Bahamas. It seems that while on vacation, people ingest a bit of courage, adventure, spontaneity so to speak, and all inhibition is lost. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this “courage” this “spontaneity” the thirst for “adventure” comes at somewhat of cost on this lovely island. Although, as tempting as it was to buy an excursion package, or purchase a cute multiple colored tied dyed syrong from the Bahamian woman on the beach, rough winds and ocean tides kept my wallet full. I touched not an ounce of water and to my disappointment, our visit to Cococay island was cancelled.
But there were many adventures to be had in the shopping district, but I digress; shall we switch back to our regularly scheduled programming entitled:


Because only tourist walk around with Nikon cameras taking pictures of the most random things LOL. Please, indulge in my randomness:
Welcome to Nassau
Church Fam
Me giving that tourist smile
Oh word
Colorful buildings
Church Fam and such
Charlie and crew
Bahamian shopping
The girls
oooo, aaahhh
Shopping Shenanigans
The City
Tourist Tee’s


Orange and Yellow
Obnoxious tourist tees
Get it girl
Big kid on a swing
Little kid in a big chair
Oceanside manner
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…
Back to the ship
Le Artiste


To sum up my many touristy ways, it was a good day in the city of Nassau. I got to see some intersting shopping spots and experience a little of the culture, minus Senor Frogs lol. If you ever get a chance to visit this lovely island you will enjoy the shops, the people, and the rum cake. 




Stay tuned for Part 2 of Where the Palm Trees Grow. I’ll be dishing about our resort digs. 


Till next time 🙂
Deidra Marie 


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