Hubby burning old mail for the fire
Caught off guard
His flower arrangement, courtesy of Kroger
Another pretty arrangement
Snack time
Healthy game day snacks
Fired up and ready to go

It was a sad sad night as Cam Newton and team walked off the field after losing to the Broncos. I knew it was over after the 3rd quarter, but we celebrated in style with some delicious healthy snacks and a warm fire. While my Panthers lost,  I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the half-time performance (Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Bey) definitely a great distraction from the disappointing score resting at the bottom of the screen. And while i’m not shocked by her red glitter shadow, shiny red blazer and matching pants, lady Gaga’s national anthem performance was absolutely amazing. 


I was so glad Charlie lit a fire because our living room can get a bit chilly. In addition to the healthy nibbles, we had veggie spaghetti and veggie lasagna and now have plenty of leftovers; I shall snack on carrots and humus for a few days.



We completed the night with a few vanilla and chocolate protein shakes, a dimmed fire ,and a sad and disappointed Cam Newton. While he is easy on the eyes, it broke my heart to see him leave the field defeated.
Here’s to a good season and much luck for a Superbowl win next year.
Hope you guys enjoyed the game day festivities and commercials.
Till next time.
Deidra Marie


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