I’ve been meaning to chat with you about my trip the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. While there are so many things to do in LA, time was limited and I wanted to make sure I could get in as many museums as possible. This trip was free and educational, two of my favorite things!

Managed to get to the museum right around lunch time with big bro and the hubby. They give you headsets as most of the museum literature is audio. Each station of the museum discusses different topics related to the Holocaust by simply pushing a few numbers on your Ipod you can educate yourself on the topic of your choice. We met a pretty amazing family while wandering the museum. She told us her dad was in a concentration camp and that she comes to visit the museum to pay her respects and to remember this time in history. It was great to hear her story. My brother was a bit emotional and couldn’t finish the tour. While this might not be the first place you’d want to visit for a fun time in LA, it was educational, eye opening and worth the time to remember the history. I enjoyed this visit and recommend everyone take a trip here and get a history lesson or two. It’s free admission and the staff are so friendly.

I have one last post about my time in LA. Stay tuned for our Rodeo Drive adventures!


Deidra Marie

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