I’ve been so busy this month that I forgot to give you all the deets on my birthday parties. I TURNED 30 just in case you didn’t know from my zillions of post on Insta and FB. Charles wanted to do it big this year and booked a fun filled day for my family and friends. While I have no picture evidence of the first b-day event in question, it was very real and it really happened, adult laser tag that is. Two skinned knees later I was ready to go home hook my oxygen tank and spend the rest of the day in bed recovering, j/k. Well, sort of, I was exhausted. For some reason I thought I was Jason Bourne and could muster enough energy to beat 20 10 year old kids at laser tag. Yup, this is 30 ladies and gentlemen. As quoted so eloquently by Forrest Gump, “And just like that, my running days were over.” See exhibit A, B, and C, the pics of me chasing the pink balloon, yup this was exhausting too.  I literally needed a few weeks to recover hence while I’m finally writing this post now, LOL

In any case, had a delicious lunch at this amazing tex mex restaurant called Chuy’s, food was sooo fresh! Then, a lackluster dinner at Bruno’s that night. Long story short, the service was not up to par, food was salty, but with family and friends there I couldn’t complain. It was an amazing day full love and joy. As for 31, they can have that. I’ll be 30 for awhile as I’m currently liking the way this feels.

Oh, before I go. I’ve linked a similar sparkly green dress and my red b-day dress at le top of the post. Enjoy and have a good week!


Deidra Marie

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