Daytona Beach to top off a weekend full of fun, food, and lots of Charlie. After the amazing wedding held in Atlanta, Charlie and I made our way further south for some much needed relaxation and beach time. We just played in the water, drew in the sand and had some good seafood from Joe’s Crab shack. One day was clearly not enough for the beach but we have plans to come back and stay for a while. I love this beach because it’s just real chill, quiet, clean, family oriented and the price of our hotel was fairly cheap so we’ll be back but in the meantime, we have 4 more days before we set sail to visit 7 Caribbean islands. I’m super excited for this. A vacation is needed! This time I will disconnect from email for awhile and try not to do any work. This will be hard, and I’m probably lying right now but in my mind I believe I have the will power to stay away from the computer and possible just enjoy being disconnected. We’ll see. Anyway, I’ve linked a similar romper at the top for your shopping pleasure. I’ll be featuring some more rompers on the blog from the same place soon so stay tuned. 

Hope your week is off to a great start. 


Deidra Marie

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