Touched down in Saint Maarteen first and in typical vacation fashion, Charlie and I headed straight to the beach upon arrival in Saint Maarten. I would’ve had my bathing suit on when I boarded the plane but I didn’t want people looking at me like I was crazy. So, Saint Maarten was the first of 7 islands we visited last week on our Royal Caribbean cruise. Charlie and I are frequent cruisers but typically do 3 or 4 day cruises. This cruise was 7 days long and very different than what we were use to. I think I like the 7 day cruise a whole lot better. We had so much time to get to meet new people. I woke up in a different place on a different island everyday. It was a new adventure with new things to do and new people to meet. I was experiencing some serious excitement overload and got an amazing chocolate brown tan in the process. We spent the first day in Saint Maarten at Maho Beach, a small beach located at the airport. The planes fly right over the beach, right above your head and blow sand all over the place. I got some pretty good video footage of it. I got a fresh coconut and collected some pretty cool souvenirs for the family unit. I did all the touristy things your supposed to do; walking around with the camera taking pictures of the most irrelevant things, pointing to things that locals pay no attention to, saying OMG multiple times, asking the sales person repeatedly how much the souvenirs cost and walking around the island looking really lost and uncertain. Yup that was me for 9 days straight. In any case, Saint Maarteen was a darn good visit. Stay tuned for all the deets on my visit to Saint Kitts, Antigua and Saint Lucia.

Oh, before I go, I’ve linked my Birkenstock look alike sandals I was wearing in the third shot at the top for your shopping pleasure. They come in 3 different colors and they are super comfortable. I basically wore them for my entire trip. Oh, Charlie has the guy version of these on, I’ve linked those too.


Deidra Marie

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