One of my favorite tours from our 7 day island adventure was Saint Kitts and Antigua. Every island we had an opportunity to visit was beautiful in it’s own way, from the white sandy beaches to the warm, clear water. One of my favorite parts about the cruise was waking up to a new island everyday. Before I started my day, I would stare out our circular window at the hills where the locals lived, soak in a bit of the warm sun rays beaming through the window with so much excitement I could hardly contain myself. We had the most amazing tour guide while in Saint Kitts, big Mike was his name. He told jokes the whole ride, offered us free chips and drinks once we made it to the ruins and stopped at all these amazing places on the island to let us eat the sugar cane, fresh mango’s, and smell the cinnamon he picked right off the tree. Antigua was a bit different, Charlie’s skin was a bit irritated by the sun so we spent most of our time relaxing on the beach in the shade, he also had to login for an online class that day, thankfully the wifi connection was amazing at this cute little bar called Cheers. Yes, life doesn’t stop for us even when were on vacation. I stopped by a few shops and picked up the cutest little two piece beach cover up and some souvenirs for a few friends back home. Honest to God, I was mistaken for a local twice while visiting these islands which is odd to me considering I was walking around with my Nikon snapping pics of buildings and shopping at every tourist spot possible. Anyway, I hope everyone had a happy mother’s day and thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the JORD giveaway contest last week, hopefully a ccc reader is the lucky JORD watch winner. Either way, those who entered still get a $50.00 code so everybody’s a winner. Next up, a 5-hour tour in the rain forest with a local named Nelbert. Hope you have a great week. Let’s get it Monday.


Deidra Marie

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