Okay, back to our island adventures. I really debated whether I should share each island recap back to back on the blog or spread it out so you wouldn’t get annoyed with the same old content for weeks on end. Obviously, the best decision was to spread it out with a few fashion and beauty finds in between each post. Looking at these pics weeks and weeks later makes me lethargic and I’m now experiencing some serious wanderlust, and officially want to go back to Saint Lucia for a few days.

This was one of my all time fav islands to visit last month. It’s the only island we visited and decided not to take a beach trip. We were so exhausted from our visit to Antigua that we just wanted a day to recover and just enjoy some views, and what better place to do it than on an island made up of mostly rain forest. We met up with this really cool tour guide named Nelbert. He was so chill and charged us very little for what was literally a 5 hour tour around Saint Lucia. We drove around the rain forest, took a dip in the biggest waterfall, hung out with the locals, ate some food that looked like bread made from tree bark (a local snack, and I have no idea the name of it at the moment). It was just a very relaxed day getting to know the locals and life in Lucia. It rained almost the WHOLE day but it was great because before boarding the ship to our next destination, the sun came out and hit the ocean in the most beautiful way. I wanted to jump off the ship and run to the nearest beach to snap more pics. All in all, this island visit was amazing. I to come back and retreat here before grad school. Prob not gonna happen though. Reality has kicked in and my life is officially over as of end of June. I know, so sad. 😦

Happy hump day ya’ll!


Deidra Marie

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