Ahh, nothing like a good ole road trip for fall break. Don’t let these pictures fool you, Charles and I were a complete hot mess traveling this time around. And when I mean hot mess, I mean, we basically booked this trip a few days before, I packed like 2 outfits (which for me is like equivalent to packing NOTHING) we stayed in a semi-alright hotel, and wandered the city of Charleston with no plans, just kind of going with the wind. If anyone knows Charlie, they know this man absolutely refuses to walk into anything without a plan. We’ve just been so busy with photography gigs lately we forgot to plan. It was actually kind of fun if you ask me. I love kind of going with the flow, figuring things out as I go and just seeing where the wind takes me. If you’re not like me, I suggest reading on for my road trip essentials and road trip travel tips.
I can’t stand meal prepping but it’s an amazing feeling waking up, grabbing your snack to go and not having to prepare it for the week, the same applies for road tripping. Convienient store snacks are EXPENSIVE and lets just be honest, they’re processed and unhealthy, so meal prep is a good idea and ends up being cheaper in the long run. If you’re like me, you still want to keep things healthy so try packing some grapes, yogurt, or dry food that does not need to be refrigerated, like granola or dried fruit. If you want the full road trip experience, it doesn’t hurt to grab some junk food at the gas station, I do it every now and then.
Meal Prep Essential: Cooler: This keeps your snacks fresh and beverages cool. 
If you’re road tripping without a plan, pack for potential activities such as a bathing suit for water activities, sneakers for your outdoor activities, and extra under garments and socks never hurt anybody. Oh, don’t forget to pack at least one dressy outfit for a fancy night on the town. 
Pack Prep Essential: Packing check list. I’ve recently started using one of these just because I LITERALLY forget something every time we travel. 
If you’re like Charlie and I, we like traveling to remote locations in the middle of nowhere because we like to get away from the hustle and bustle of Raleigh city life. The middle of nowhere = no wifi connection so we recently started keeping a map in the car for those moments where technology fails us. 
Essential: Maps can be found at most gas stations, grab you one and don’t get lost! 🙂
Let’s face it, no one is superman and things happen, so we ALWAYS keep a first aid kit as well as pain relievers in the car for those special moments of clumsiness. 
Essential: First aid kit and pain relievers can be found at any store like Target or Walmart
We always make sure to get our oil changed if needed prior to a road trip, and we always make sure we have a spare tire and the tools to change a tire in the car and ready to go. Don’t get stuck on the road in the middle of nowhere because you forgot to do these things prior to road tripping. 
Essential: Spare Tires and tools can be purchased at your local auto and as far as an oil change is concerned, the same can be done at most auto places like Mienke or Jiffy Lube. 
Having a flashlight in the car is also not a bad idea. What if your tire gives at night and the  the flashlight on your phone isn’t working? A cellphone is great but having a backup is always a good idea.
Essential: Flashlight can be found at any store like Target or Walmart
The car charger is something we keep on hand at ALL times. Even if our phone has no connection, a fully charged phone is always nice to have as you may be able to send a text message and or dial out 911. 
Essential: Car charger can be found at any store like Target or Walmart
Hope these tips and road trip essentials help. By the way, my dress is from Gap and shoes are DSW but no longer available for purchase. 
Happy road tripping!
Deidra Marie

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