I didn’t know how many people lived in Raleigh until this past weekend. Literally, everybody and their grandma’s were at the NC Sun Festival this past weekend enjoying some good food truck food, music, shopping local vendors and games and of course the infamous Dorthea Dix Sunflower field.  This was the first year Raleigh has done something like this and I believe this festival is here to stay because it was such a big success. Pics from this post are from a few weeks back right after a massive downpour which by the way was needed. It’s been so dry here in NC  and unfortunately, this weekend I think the sunflowers had enough and were wilted and sad :(.

Anyway, it was just nice to be able to chillax with friends this weekend and catch up. It’s been a crazy summer full of back to back pageant duties so it was nice to just enjoy my city and catch up with everyone without having to worry about doing homework or typing a research paper. Speaking of research papers, I decided against doing second semester summer courses simply because I really just needed a break from school. I have one more year left but for whatever reason it seems like it’s dragging a bit. I’m almost to the finish line. I’m excited because my graduation gift will be a trip to Morocco or Bali. Not sure which one we’ll do but I’ll keep you posted.

These pics came out amazing thanks to my trusted photographer, my husband, Charles. He’s amazing! I can’t thank him enough for traveling all over the city with me to capture these moments in time. Poor thing got attacked and stung by one of the bumble bees in the sunflower field this day. Thankfully, it wasn’t life threatening and he’s not allergic to bees. So apparently photography is dangerous now, LOL. Stay alert everyone. Aside from the evil bumble bee attack, I just want to say that I LOVE my city! There is always something to do, always new places to explore and new friendly faces to meet. My city has really changed over the years and is just getting better. The downtown scene is always so full of energy and positive vibes and I always feel inspired when I’m there. I get excited to explore downtown and find new places. This city is my home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re reading this, where are you from? Do you like your city? What makes your special?

Hope everyone has an AMAZING week.


Deidra Craig

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