Taking it back to my roots and bringing you all the hippie 70’s vibes on this blogpost today. For those who have been following along for the past year you know about the ups and downs and the whole roller coaster I’ve been on trying to get this hair to behave. I’d like to extend my deepest apologies to those who hear me complain on a daily basis on my IG stories, LOL, you guys are the real MVP’s.  I’m such a drama queen sometimes but am so grateful to have a head full of unruly hair but sometimes this sister needs a break, LOL. #thestruggleisreal. Thankfully, this journey with Formulate has been nothing less than AMAZING. For all the deets on where my journey started with Formulate click here. Having kinky coily hair doesn’t have to be a daunting task. On this formulate journey, I’ve learned that a good hair cut, normal ph water conditions and some amazing shampoo and conditioner is the perfect formula to healthy hair. Before using the Formulate line I had hard time maintaining a healthy moisture to protein balance, my kinks and coils were lifeless, I experience more shedding than usual and detangling was an all-day event. If you’re like me, you know how wash day can be. I’m currently on my 3rd application of the Formulate haircare system and the results are amazing.  I have to be honest I was concerned the shampoo would dry out my hair like every other shampoo because my hair is so fragile and prone to extreme dryness with any shampoo application but the formulate shampoo not only smells amazing (I have the tidal scent) but is gentle on my delicate coils, provides a light lather and gets my scalp and strands squeaky clean. Not to mention, my coils are getting a much-needed hair therapy and really loving the creamy consistency of the conditioner. My detangling sessions are under 20 minutes and my hair is back to its usual thickness with minimal hair shed. Simply put, my hair has made a complete 360.

Okay, okay, let me stop bragging and starting gifting. Keep scrolling for all the Formulate giveaway deets. I’m so excited!





Tis almost the season for giving and what better way to get this party started  than with a Formulate Giveaway! My hair results have been amazing and I’m just here to spread the love to your lovely locs too, so it’s giveaway time!

From now until 12/8/18 one lucky winner will receive a set of customized Formulate shampoo and conditioner. Click here to enter for a chance to win. All those who enter but don’t win still win $5 off coupon code to Formulate so hurry hurry and start your #customhaircare journey!

Till next time!

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