Been beach hoping around the lovely island of Oahu for the past few days living my best life in my best skin days yet. Silky, smooth and soft to the touch, my skin has been at its all-time best these past few days thanks to Earth Kissed Beauty.

Charles and I have been on the island for about a week now visiting for the International Conference on Education. When we weren’t hanging with educators and other intellectuals, we were soaking up some serious Hawaiian sun, and I’m surprised to say it hasn’t gotten to me yet. Everyday, I’ve been using the Chamomile Peace Sugar Scrub and Sweet Baby Body Butter and my skin has been super soft and supple to the touch. Most body butters I’ve used in the past have had heavy fragrance and tend not to last long, but this body butter keeps me moisturized all day and the smell is not too aggressive: Let’s just say I’ll be buying in bulk from now on.



One of my fave things about this skincare line is that all of the Earth Kissed products are 100% all natural, organic ingredients with no fillers or preservatives. That did make it tricky to travel to Hawaii with, but if kept in cool or in a temperature regulated location, you should be fine. All natural ingredients are usually the first thing I look for in my skincare products because I have ultra sensitive skin in addition to eczema and a skin condition called Hidradentitis Supprativa. I have to be extremely careful with not only my diet, but with what skincare products I opt to use. I’ve become real good at reading ingredient labels and have had great success with products that simply have less in it. Number one skincare shopping rule for me, less is best. For me, the less ingredients the better. I’ve also found that the thicker emollients or skincare products that include thick oils (olive oil, coconut oil, apricot oil and avocado oil) are also a plus and do wonders for my skin. Usually when the products include ingredients like that, it’s long-lasting, really penetrates beyond the first few layers of skin and keeps me moisturized all day.

Are you local? Interested in trying out these amazing products by Earth Kissed Beauty? Well then head on over to Earth Kissed beauty located in Garner, NC. You can also check our Earth Kissed on their Instagram page at @earth_kissed_beauty

More pics from my Hawaii adventures to come. Stay tuned.


Deidra Marie

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