Hi All,

I’m completely back logged on travel photos from last year and earlier this year, so I’ll be sharing those throughout the week so you can enjoy photos from when travel was possible before 2020 arrived and took that all away, you know with COVID and all, lol. This is part one of our adventures in Hawaii back in early January. Charles and my two very good friends, Jams and Knockett headed to the Northshore to check out Kualoa Ranch, a popular tourist spot in the Northshore, Oahu. We signed up for some pretty amazing tours and these pics are pics from our first tour of the day, which was an ocean voyage. We had some pretty amazing tour guides who took us out to sea. It literally couldn’t have been a better day. It was a little drizzle, over cast (meaning no harsh sun) and some pretty rough winds which made our boat ride super adventurous and bumpy from beginning to end. As many of you know, this is my second time visiting Hawaii, but my first time doing a tour like this. This is the closest I’ve gotten to Chinaman’s hat and we even got soaking wet hanging off the edge of the rail because that is where the boat was rocking the most. It was nice to see this side of the Northshore and enjoy the beautiful, crisp blue water.

I hope you enjoy Part I of this album and see you back here soon for Part II.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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