A leather jacket, specifically a black leather jacket is a closet must have. It’s a classic piece I think every stylish woman should own because it never goes out of style and can be styled and worn in so many different ways. I got my leather (pleather rather, lol) jacket on super sale at a Marshall’s several years back and am just now getting the chance to really mix and match it with other pieces in my wardrobe. I kept thinking to myself, why in the world didn’t I wear this sooner. Styling a leather jacket is so easy and takes you from blah to glam in no time. Don’t believe me, keep scrolling for the 3 ways I styled it for my black and white color combo series on my Instagram feed last week.

This is definitely my favorite way to style a leather jacket. Mixing the dainty vibes of a white prairie dress with the hard core vibes of a black leather jacket then adding a punk feel with vintage black leather boots is a whole mood. Also, this is a great way to easily transition into your spring wardrobe. It also helps to add a pop of color to your lips to really drive the point home that you’re so ready for spring!

Black mini skirts are so versatile and work very well with a black leather jacket. Since it’s still a little chilly out here, it’s not really all that great of an idea to go out bare leg, so I’m a sucker for some black sheer tights too, add black leather combat boots and layer with a black sweater and white button up and voila! You have a nicely put together look you can rock out with your friends at brunch or wear after hours for a hot date night and depending on your office environment, you may be able to get away with this at work.

And just when you thought styling a leather jacket couldn’t get any easier. Pairing a leather jacket with a statement t-shirt is definitely an easy way to look effortlessly stylish. I feel like I have a 1,000 tee’s and one of the ways I really get some wear out of them is to pair them with a cute blazer or jacket. I feel like a leather jacket glams up a blah tee with minimal effort on your part and with the ever changing weather situation, having the option to put on and take off a chic leather jacket is nice. Who said tee’s can’t be glam and cool. Hopefully this inspires you to dust off that old t-shirt you’ve been using as pj’s and dress it up with a nice leather jacket for a night out on the town.

Here’s to black leather jackets and all the many creative ways you can rock it!

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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