This lady is in desperate need of a vacay, this is not happening anytime soon, with work, school and the pageant this weekend in full effects so, I’ll just have to dress like I’m on vacation until further notice. Now you know I had to get some shots of me in this super cute Ankara print dress and matching head wrap. If you don’t already know, I’m obsessed with prints, colors and everything that not practical enough to wear to work or a formal event. I can literally count the number of black clothing pieces I own. My closet is bursting with colors that don’t even have names to them. By the way, big shout out to my sister in-law for grabbing this matching Ankara set for my birthday at the most randomest flea market in Fayetteville, NC. She’s the real MVP. Don’t you just love those random shops in the middle of nowhere. It’s always a surprise, you never know what you’re gonna get and you for sure won’t get anything that’s a duplicate. It’s guaranteed to be a one of kind type item that’ll you’ll never see again. I gotta jet because I’m up to my knees in homework and my final project for the end of the semester, also getting some last-minute stuff done for my trip to New Jersey for this pageant on Saturday. Literally wasn’t lying about being up to my knees in adulting and other priorities but, before I go, wanted to share the deets on my sparkly pink heels and lip gloss.

If you’ve been following along lately, you know I’m so digging the OuiFresh lipglosses in stock right now. I’m wearing the Lava Lamp lip gloss in these pics and topped it off with the prettiest, shines shoes from DSW by Betsey Johnson, click here to shop them. FYI, they come in two other colors if you’re not digging the pink .

Anyway, I’ll check in with you once I hit the big apple. Yes, I said it, me and the bestie, Nat, are taking Manhattan next week. She’s in NY for med school so we figured, why not. Catch you on the flip side.


Deidra Marie


We all know I’m no stranger to color, I wear it with everything. I hardly own any black or neutrals and it makes dressing for work a bit difficult as I don’t own practical stuff. When I do have to buy it for that rare occasion I get sad and dread the thought of owning anything that doesn’t have a little flair to it. Lately, I’ve been digging the color Chartreuse. It’s been the color of the spring season, but has been one of my fav colors since I was a kid. It’s a mix of my two fav colors, green and yellow. Doesn’t get any happier than that, huh? I often get the question of how to wear Chartreuse, what to match it with and where to go out wearing that color. Not gonna lie, it’s a hard color to wear. Skin tone and hair color make all the difference with this color but, I think just about anyone can rock, you just gotta do it right. I’ve listed a few ways to mix and match this color for an effortless look. Hope this helps.


As you can see, purple and Chartreuse belong together, if you’re feeling more airy and springy, do a lighter, lavender type purple, it’s a great color combo for a spring or summer wedding or for a night out.


That seems so strange to pair two very “look at me” colors together, but it’s really a great combo for spring. They are bold, they are bright, and remind me of a good time at somebody’s yacht party. Maybe that’s just me, but a girl can dream.


Don’t know how to mix and match it, the trend these days has been all over one solid color, Chartreuse is not excluded from this look. I’d rock it with a white booties or some pink heels, something to break it up a little, but still very much a trend I’d consider. Sounds a little bold, but with fashion, I think anything goes, right?





Okay, while I don’t do these color combos often because I barely own any black, I still highly suggested. It’s definitely more on the sophisticated side. More wear work appropriate and practical for an everyday look. It’s a safe color combo that anyone can pretty much pull off. If you’re just stepping into the wonderful world of Chartreuse, this color combo is the way to go. It’s a great start to ease yourself into a this fun, funky, bold color.


This is one of my all-time fav color combos. It’s so unexpected and when paired with gold jewelry you have a winning look. I first I thought, ugh, this is so Christmas, but it’s really not. With the yellow undertones of the Chartreuse, it’s a winning combo for sure.

Hope after reading these tips you start experimenting with this fun color. Here’s to the Chartreuse glow-up.

By the way, of course my lippy is by OuiFresh. It’s Love Fool. Shop this and other ultra moisturizing lipglosses here. Chartreuse pants by ASOS. They no longer sell them but keep an eye out for similar looks as they get in new stuff all the time. My dope vintage top is by The Cru Look

Till next time,


Deidra Marie


Yup, it’s still cold here in NC and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna let up anytime soon. That doesn’t mean your outfits have to be a drag. Usually around this time I’m just about over winter and winter clothing but this year I’ve got some go to looks that have been helping make it through these last few brutal months of the winter season. So today I’ll share 5 outfit ideas to get you through to spring.



Yes, I’ve been sporting this look all winter and will continue to do so till further notice, why, because it’s cute and stylish. Lately, I’ve been wear more floral skirts to help transition my wardrobe to a more spring look. The tights and panty hose are just there because it’s too early to go bare leg. If you’re looking for something extra funky, I suggests doing a colorful or printed tight. Perhaps some heart tights for Valentines day.


As you can see, I’m wear more of mauve, palish pink colored sweater, a great transition into spring but still very appropriate for winter being that it’s a sweater. Simple switches from winter bold greens and blues to soft blushes and subtle pastels will ease your bored and get you in spring mindset.


I’m no make-up expert, but the darker lip colors and festive eyeshadows have officially been laid to rest for the season and I’m gradually switching over to bold reds, soft pinks, browns, nudes and of course clear. These are spring colors for sure and sure to get you in a spring state of mind. By the way, the lippy I’m rocking in this post is Central Perk by Oui Fresh, the perfect winter spring transition color.

Keep scrolling for my last two tips…

Sweater | Skirt | Boots


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, floral is a year around type of deal and it’s all in the way you style it. I love mixing prints and am quick to include a floral print in my everyday looks if it makes sense. darker florals are probably your go-to for this time of year, but again, a great way to get you in that spring state of mind. If you’re not really a fan of floral, try a floral scarf or floral print shoes or do what I did in Hawaii and add a cute flower in your hair.


For those saying kimonos and kimono style tops and jumpsuits are played out got it all WRONG. This is the ultimate spring look and this style looks good on almost all body types because it accentuates the collar-bone, covers up just enough for a work setting, but can still be super sleek and sexy in fun prints, and silky or satiny fabrics. I have several kimono cover ups that definitely add some flare to a boring winter outfit, but still give me that feeling of spring.

I hope these ideas were super helpful. I’ll be back for another Hawaii update this Thursday.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie