We all know I’m no stranger to color, I wear it with everything. I hardly own any black or neutrals and it makes dressing for work a bit difficult as I don’t own practical stuff. When I do have to buy it for that rare occasion I get sad and dread the thought of owning anything that doesn’t have a little flair to it. Lately, I’ve been digging the color Chartreuse. It’s been the color of the spring season, but has been one of my fav colors since I was a kid. It’s a mix of my two fav colors, green and yellow. Doesn’t get any happier than that, huh? I often get the question of how to wear Chartreuse, what to match it with and where to go out wearing that color. Not gonna lie, it’s a hard color to wear. Skin tone and hair color make all the difference with this color but, I think just about anyone can rock, you just gotta do it right. I’ve listed a few ways to mix and match this color for an effortless look. Hope this helps.


As you can see, purple and Chartreuse belong together, if you’re feeling more airy and springy, do a lighter, lavender type purple, it’s a great color combo for a spring or summer wedding or for a night out.


That seems so strange to pair two very “look at me” colors together, but it’s really a great combo for spring. They are bold, they are bright, and remind me of a good time at somebody’s yacht party. Maybe that’s just me, but a girl can dream.


Don’t know how to mix and match it, the trend these days has been all over one solid color, Chartreuse is not excluded from this look. I’d rock it with a white booties or some pink heels, something to break it up a little, but still very much a trend I’d consider. Sounds a little bold, but with fashion, I think anything goes, right?





Okay, while I don’t do these color combos often because I barely own any black, I still highly suggested. It’s definitely more on the sophisticated side. More wear work appropriate and practical for an everyday look. It’s a safe color combo that anyone can pretty much pull off. If you’re just stepping into the wonderful world of Chartreuse, this color combo is the way to go. It’s a great start to ease yourself into a this fun, funky, bold color.


This is one of my all-time fav color combos. It’s so unexpected and when paired with gold jewelry you have a winning look. I first I thought, ugh, this is so Christmas, but it’s really not. With the yellow undertones of the Chartreuse, it’s a winning combo for sure.

Hope after reading these tips you start experimenting with this fun color. Here’s to the Chartreuse glow-up.

By the way, of course my lippy is by OuiFresh. It’s Love Fool. Shop this and other ultra moisturizing lipglosses here. Chartreuse pants by ASOS. They no longer sell them but keep an eye out for similar looks as they get in new stuff all the time. My dope vintage top is by The Cru Look

Till next time,


Deidra Marie

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