I love me with make-up and I love me without it too. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to come out the house “dripping” as these young kids say. Other times I’m motivated to do a whole face and then as the day progresses, totally start dreading the idea of washing it all off. Yes, I’m that girl, LOL. Okay, shameless moment, when I won my pageant, and was up on stage getting my crown, the only thing I was thinking about was A. when can I get out of these heels and B. I was thinking it’s going to take hours to wash all this make-up off my face. The heels came off about 10 minutes later and washing the make-up off my face took about 8-10 minutes tops. Yes, I know, I’m so dramatic. There’s a point to all this. I see a lot of people bashing women who wear make-up and I see equally as many people bashing women who don’t. I just do what feels good. Some days, I want to bum it and other days I want to be the girl who won my crown back in October that was full-blown glam. I say all this to say that it’s impossible to box everyone up. We are complex human beings with so many sides to us and it’s important that we embrace them all and do the things that make us feel good, confident, happy, empowered and alive, which is why you’ll often see post on my blog where I’m wearing little or no make-up and others where I’m full glam and ready for anyones runway.

The content I create is based on how I feel and while that may not be the best branding, it is my brand to never expect the same thing twice. I’m most confident when I’m doing me and nothing else. In this post, it just so happens to be barefaced. Then next, it might be full-blown glam and blonde hair. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, I do me and me alone. One thing I know you’ll always see consistently is my smile, color, and good vibes. This is how I make it with no make-up.

Tell me, what makes you feel alive? What things do you do for inner peace or to spark that fire?

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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