I say Yesto soft, supple, hydrated curls and coils. I’m a sucker for a good hair mask. Finally found another one that gets it right, is natural and smells amazing. Yes! Yes! and Yes! I tried out the Yesto Coconut Ultra Hydrating Replenishing and Moisturizing Hair Clay Mask last week and my hair is so happy, detangled and super hydrated. I’ll be trying the Yesto Brightening Hair Clay Mask and the Frizz Fighting Smoothing hair mask next. 2019 has been the year for using clean products with minimal to no harmful ingredients. For those who have taken this journey to living a clean beauty lifestyle, you know it’s not easy to purge of the old and bring in the new, so having the Yesto products to begin my clean journey has been a dream.

Before applying the hair clay mask, my hair was tangled from not washing or detangling it for almost two weeks, so I wasn’t expecting this mask to really do much as my hair was in pretty bad shape and most of the time when it’s like this, no product can really make getting it back into tip-top shape any easier. I thought I’d try something different and apply the mask to barely damp hair with a light spritz of water before shampooing. I let the mask sit for about 20 minutes, rinsed it out while finger detangling my hair. Detangling was a breeze because the mask really softened my hair and loosened up the tangles. After styling, my hair was very voluminous, hydrated and tangle free. This mask is a new fave and will now be apart of my hair routine. My kinks and coils are so happy now.



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One of my all-time favorite things about the mask would have to be the creamy consistency. It went on smooth and is by far one of the creamiest textures I used thus far.  It’s super soft to the touch, not to mention, all of their products smell AMAZING. I haven’t tried the face mask, but I’m thinking if the hair mask are amazing, the face mask must be equally amazing. Stay tuned for a face mask review in the coming weeks.

Visit Yesto to shop all the Yesto products. Hopefully you’ll find some amazing things that you can incorporate into your skincare or haircare routine.

Till next time!



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