Orange Sesame Greens with Spiced Shrimp (i.e. The decked out salad i’m referring to) 🙂
Hannah got the same thing….LOL we always do that. Check out her decked out biscuit and jelly, yummy!

Tupelo Honey Cafe had these garlic biscuits that were literally to die for! Of course my biscuit was smothered in honey. Ha! Our 30 minute circuit training literally went down the drain after the second biscuit but good food and good friends is all I need at this point.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting on, the hair and weekend outfit situation…

This weekend was full of good eats with good friends and all black attire with a twist. After battling the holiday crowd at work on Saturday, I destressed with my good friend and workout buddy, Hannah. After a grueling 30 minutes of circuit training, Hannah suggested we put in some cardio, I suggested we eat LOL. She put up a good fight before we finally decided eating was necessary. The compromise….we must eat salad. Ugh, but it’s food so I did not complain. We found a cozy little spot nestled in the corner of Cameron Village shopping Center called Tupelo Honey Cafe. Check the decked out salad I ordered. 
This weekend was all black everything with patent leather black and white oxfords, mini skirt, shimmery top and black tights. I did a wash n go on Friday. I deep conditioned with the Mielle Organics Babassu Mint Almond Conditioner and used a bit of Shea Moisture Restorative Leave-In Conditioner and locked in my curls with a moderate amount of the As I Am Curling Jelly. I love the curling jelly because it keeps my curls soft and defined. I’m not a hair in face kind of girl but I decided why not. I kept my hair in a pineapple all weekend because it literally rained the whole time. I’m tired of the rain. We are expecting sunshine the rest of the week. CAN’T WAIT! The sun will come out tomorrow….:)
Till next time lovlies!
Deidra Marie 

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