Me and Bae
Three’s company
That’s bae
Cleaned my plate baby!
Duck face swag and pink lippy
Smile for the camera now click click
Ladies man
Natalie: Shall we attack Charles with an umbrella?
Me: Uh yeah, make sure he’s in the middle of the street tho, it’s not fun if cars aren’t headed straight for him.
Natalie: Good idea! Your so smart. 🙂
Bright lights, big city
Pop the leg…
And then pose
You can’t sit with us!
Hey look it’s Tiger Woods….nvm it’s just Charlie
Get on our level #squadgoals
Artsy Fartsy
Le Squad
Demi was full off club soda
3 iced waters in…Ha Ha
Smile please, pretend your having fun LOL
Sequin Swag
Cozy VIP life
Finally a perfect pic
We came, we saw, we conquered… and then I took my hips to bed

I’d like to say I spent my new years snuggled up in my warm bed with a cup of hot coco, marshmallows and Netflix but that would be a lie because why would I do that nonsense when my best friend was in town!
Naturally, we picked up right where we left off, finishing each others sentences, acting irresponsibly, talking about the good ol times and of course annoying the heck out of Charlie with our excessive talking and cheesy jokes.
We hit up the downtown scene for some oh so good Sushi (Charlie’s least favorite cuisine) Ha! After dinner it was off to explore the Raleigh streets; and by that I mean stand in the middle of them and take random pictures on railroad tracks. Why? Because we can! And because pedestrians have the right-away! Smh.


200 photos later, we headed to the Mosaic lounge for water with lime on the rocks; on me of course. Racked up a pretty heavy tab, got to bring in the New Year with style. It pays to have friends in high places. 🙂

Happy New Years everyone!




Till next time.








Deidra Marie 



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