A 4 day old bantu-knot out (It is very clear my hair looks dry, porous, flat and lacked bounce. I needed a protein treatment bad. Usually my bantu-knot outs have elongated bouncy well-defined curls)
2 day old bantu-knot out. My hair has a perfect protein-moisture balance with lots of bounce, shine and definition
Protein MUST be included in my hair regimen! It is absolutely, positively one of the most valuable practices of many naturals hair routines; mine included. To the eye, my hair seems course and strong but in actuality I have highly dense fine to medium strands. I have some random strands in the front that are course but I would say about 75% of my head is covered in fine to medium strands that are easily damaged. Yes, i’m apart of the fine haired club. I still struggle with the balance between moisture and full volume. In some cases, I must choose between the two. I’m still hunting for the best product combo that will provide completely moisturized strands and full volume all at the same time.
Fine to medium hair requires a great deal of attention:
1. Gentle detangling sessions
2. Lightweight styling products
3. Minimal use of oils or light oils (Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil)
4. Protective styling
I try to do everything on this list but most importantly, I focus on a strict protein application regimen. I’ve tried a few protein treatments and stumbled across a few staples that I incorporate into my regimen every 6-8 weeks, right around the time I’m due for a dusting session. A protein application brings the bounce back to my curls and strengthens each strand. Lately I’ve been using the following protein treatments:
1. Giovanni Smooth as Silk Protein Hair Infusion
2. Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructer
When I don’t have time to sit under a hair dryer for a protein boost, I spray a bit of the Green Tea Reconstructer before styling and my hair instantly feels stronger and the curls pop and have instant definition. When I do have time, I use the Smooth as Silk Hair Infusion. This protein treatment is light and can be used daily. I don’t use it daily but I assure you this treatment really reaches the cortex of each strand to repair everyday wear and tear. Like the Green Tea reconstructer, this treatment makes my curls pop and provides instant curl definition with just one application.
In addition to the protein treatments I use, I try to purchase conditioners, co-washes and leave-ins that have a small amount of protein to be used in between treatments. The goal is to keep my delicate strands strong resulting in minimal breakage and hair shed. I’ve accepted that hair will break and shed but I try to do my part to reduce the amount of shed and breakage.


If your wondering, I listen to my hair; typically I know I’m due for a protein treatment when my dry curls don’t bounce back after being pulled or when wet, the curls look limp and flat. Of course this test won’t work for everybody as every curl isn’t made equally. I have extremely coily-curly hair in the back and a loose wave in the front, so in the front, if it doesn’t bounce back when dry then I know it’s time for a treatment. Some people will notice their hair feels mushy when wet or extremely dry when dry. That is another indicator that there is a moisture-protein issue.
Hope this information helps my fine and medium haired curlies out there. Good luck on your quest to full volume and juicy curls.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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