I had so much fun this long weekend; MLK day was spent enjoying the very cool air and some much needed sun and breeze. It was cold but to be close to a beach made the goosebumps go away. Charlie and I spent the day exploring the downtown Wilmington area, watching the MLK parade from afar and snapping some cool shots in random areas all across town. To smell fresh seasalt water and be in the sun was enough for me. We spent a lot of time gazing about the boardwalk, chatting about the future and enjoying the quiet. An hour or so later, with chapped lips, dry elbows and grumbly tummies, we were ready to get some good ol fashion seafood and hit the road back to Raleigh to be in our bed induldging in to much Hulu and Netflix . This was the first boardwalk of 2016 and hoping to see many more come April or May.
I do hope everybody enjoyed the extra day off. May you stay warm, enjoy lots of hot coco and watch to much Netflix before work the next day. 😉
Till next time.
Deidra Marie
Sunglasses- Ann Taylor Loft
Trench Coach-
Denim Dress- Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes- Cato
2 day old Wash n go using Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, Mielle Organics Ultra Moisturizing Leave-in conditioner and Agadir Volumizing sculpting Gel.

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