Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner

Hi everyone, my name is Deidra and I’m a product junkie. I’ve struggled with this addiction for years and have sought help on multiple occasions but just can’t seem to kick the habit and I’m not really sure I want to. Ha, what a great way to start off my post with confessions of my addictions to hair and beauty products. Now that we got all that out the way, shall we get down to the nitty gritty?

If your a product junkie like me, then you know all to well about the hottest, latest and greatest products on the market. It only takes one good promotional email raving about the newest product on the shelves and instantly I’m in my car headed to the nearest Target to see what all the buzz is about. This wasn’t the case with Mielle Organics. I was casually scrolling through Instagram when I came across a video post of a girl showing her hair results after using the Mielle Organics Babassu Mint Almond Oil Deep Conditioner for the first time. Her curls were luscious, detangled and ultra defined! I fell in love instantly, headed straight home and made my first purchase at Mielle Organics. I ordered a bundle package because it is my belief that you can never really weigh the effectiveness of any product from a product line if you don’t sample at least a few items from the product line all together. Most product line items are designed to work together, this explains why a lot of product instructions usually start off with a sentence like

 “For best results, follow up with…___insert product name_________ ”

Please Check the pros and cons of my Mielle Organics experience.


  • MO Deep Conditioner smells minty and fresh
  • MO Deep Conditioner leaves my curls bouncy defined and adds a great moisture protein balance to my hair regimen.
  • MO Shampoo is ultra moisturizing yet still cleanses effectively
  • MO Shampoo thin consistency is easy to work through extremely dense hair and really exfoliates the scalp


  • I was not a fan of the MO co-wash. This item didn’t get my hair clean and I had to use so much in order for it to feel like it was cleansing my strands. The product is very light weight, thin and runny. I did like the slip but my hair didn’t feel as clean compared to other conditioners I’ve used for co-washing.
  • The cost of MO products are reasonably priced, but I have seen effective hair lines on the market that are lower in price as well.
  • Up until a about 4 months ago, I had to order my products online because there were no locations that sold this item but now there are some Sally’s Beauty stores that now sell the MO line.
  • I love the MO hair milk, but I have to use this item in conjunction with an oil as it is not as moisturizing as I’d like. My hair is extremely dense so I have to thoroughly comb products through to make sure every strand gets some product. FYI-layering multiple products on my hair is necessary.
Overall, I truly enjoy this line. No hair care line is perfect, but this line meets almost all of my hair care needs (detangling, moisture-protein balance, curl definition). I have been a faithful consumer for over a year now and am very satisfied. If you are on the market for an all natural, organic hair care line, I highly recommend Mielle Organics.
Deidra Marie


  1. I can't wait to use this product! I love what it's doing for your hair. I can't wait to see what other hair products you review. I saves girls like me time and money. Thanks @sincerelydeidra !


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