I’m waving my American flag and and kindly surrendering to this poor NC weather. 😦 It’s kind of a bummer that my plans to cookout are now officially derailed by this unforgivable, unpredictable NC rain that’s headed our way in the next few hours. Grrr, so wanted to sip on my cold cream soda and enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers in my backyard. We are still having guest come over the house and food on the grill today but it just won’t be the same with not a sun ray in sight.  If you don’t know, Netflix is a must when the rain makes my fourth of July cookout plans a bust. Ha ha, rhymes.
While I am not to happy about this terrible weather, I’m am happy to share the deets on this cute little mock neck tie-dyed mini dress I’m rocking from Rue21. I’ve taken a bit of a liking to Rue21. I find some of the most eclectic and affordable pieces from their online store. This dress can pretty much be worn to any beach outing or summer cookout. This dress has me feeling like Jimi Hendrix girlfriend or some rocker stars girlfriend from Woodstock. Ha, it’s funny how my clothes always seem to transport me to another decade. Did I ever share with you that I’m a bit obsessed with the 70’s. Yes, I truly believe I should have been born in this decade. Matter of fact, I went to a 70’s birthday party and literally didn’t have to buy an outfit for the occasion 🙂 Guess my wardrobe is out of date, I like to say it’s just trendy. 😉
Just in case you’re wondering, the multi-colored thread earrings I’m wearing were hand made by one of my Nigerian friends. She loves making her own jewelry and I love taking it; the perks of having a artsy fartsy friend.
May your burgers and hot dogs rest safely in their buns and may the weather not ruin your perfect 4th of July festivities.
Happy 4th yall’s!
Deidra Marie

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