Downtown Raleigh
Me and the ladies
Trying to find the restaurant
Selfie time
Found some leather pieces along the way
She bought a leather journal
She’s legit now
Purchased a cute new top
I purchased some sunnies of course, she was getting my receipt
Super happy about my purchase
Found some handcrafted jewelry
And a cute ice cream truck
Downtown stepping
Still couldn’t find the restaurant
Pretty sunsets
But back to reality because we were still lost and hungry
I was just happy to get out LOL
Think we found the food spot
AC, thank the Lord!
And drinks LOL j/k
Live music!
And then ice cream!
Remember this truck?
Yummy Yummy in my tummy!
Blackberry Hibiscus…mmmm
And yet another selfie
City Lights
And cute shoes
Random architecture





Relaxed and went for a night out on the town with my girls on Thursday. It was nice to get out the house and hit the city streets. Oh downtown Raleigh how I’ve missed you so!Of course with every outing there is an occasion. We were celebrating my friends birthday! After 20 or so minutes spent searching for a park and another 10 trying to parallel park, we finally made it to Fayetteville Street for all the amazing food, shopping, dancing and live music. We had our hearts set on eating at the Twisted Mango but unbeknownst to us the restaurant had shut down 😦 Next stop was the Big Easy. We were lost trying to get there but we finally made, sweaty and thirsty. Certainly not my favorite food experience though but who cares, I made it out the house! LOL. We chilled around downtown until they stopped playing the music and the lights in the city began to turn off. Yup, it is very evident we don’t get out much so we were trying to milk all the time we had without kids, work, church etc… well you get my drift.
Favorite part of the night? The Blackberry Hibiscus ice cream. Yup, I’m know for picking the weirdest flavors of ice cream to sample. Couldn’t possibly be boring like Charles and choose Vanilla or Strawberry. The weirder the flavor the better. FYI, I’m completely obsessed with Pumpkin flavored ice cream and cannot wait for fall so I can indulge in my favorite fall flavor! Everyone knows fall isn’t fall without Pumpkin flavor in all your food!
All in all it was a pretty amazing night. I paid for it the next day as I didn’t get home until about 11ish and had to be up and out the house for work by 6:30. Yup, am I only one thinking the weekend blew by like a mighty rushing wind? Whew, where the heck does the time go? When you figure it out please let me know because I could swear it was Friday like a few hours ago. LOL, I guess people are right when they say time flys when your having fun.
Hoping everyone has an awesome week!
Deidra Marie

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