Mommy Daughter Selfie
Me, Mom and Danny
She was a little fascinated by this painting
We were obsessed with the colors
Think Blue
Love this piece
Look back at it
Charles is in deep thought
African art
Reading up on this one
Cool piece
Roman art
Love this part
This one was interesting
So much going on
Deep thought
European art
More art
Love the ceilings
She was laughing at her outfit
Look around
Mom decided she would be the tour guide
Art and swag
Art, swag and dab
I tried to dab but it’s just not my thing
Clearly it’s not his either
All white everything…almost
The sun was in Charlie’s eyes
My cheesy sister, can’t take her nowhere
Singing in the rain with momma
More rain
Only in his dreams
If you haven’t been I suggest you make a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art! This is my second visit this month and I tell you this place never gets old. First time I went I was with my friend Hannah. I knew my mom, sister and husband would want to go once I told them it was free. Obviously, from the pics you can see they throughly enjoyed themselves. Every week they have live music, free tours, and a free movie showing so if your looking for somewhere to go and your balling on a budget, the NC Museum of Art is the place to go! We will be doing a day trip to the beach again so stay tuned for all the beach shenanigans coming your way.
Deidra Marie

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