It’s always been a struggle finding the right hair moisturizer that would provide optimal moisture without making my kinks and coils fall flat. I’ve searched high and low for that special product and have even revisited some hair moisturizers 2 or 3 times hoping the results would be different. I have lots and lots of strands, high density hair with a mix of medium to course textures and nothing but spiral curls ranging in different sizes throughout my head; so now you know my struggle? The amount of product I use makes a huge difference in the end styling result: applying to much product to the curls in the back will result in limp, over-stretched coils with barely there definition and spring. Applying to little product to the front will result in extremely dry loose ringlets with-YOU GUESSED IT- no curl definition.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not so much concerned with curl definition as I am with moisture. To be perfectly honest, finding a moisturizer to tame the multiple curl patterns was a beast, but with many years of hunting and 20 plus products later, I found SOMETHING!
Oyin Handmade Hair Dew Daily Hair Quenching Lotion– ladies and gents, this product is the best thing since shoes strings. Not to light, not to heavy, and smells divine! I was a bit skeptical about the coconut oil in it since I find this oil doesn’t really do much for my hair lately, but it solved quite a few of my hair woes (limp coils, dryness, weigh down). I dab a quarter-size amount of this product on damp or dry hair every other day, and instantly have fluffy, springy kinks and coils. It’s my simple fall hair routine. When the weather gets cold, my coils get dry, so this helps alleviate some of that nonsense. Doesn’t get much simpler than that for me. I use this as a coil-refresher because it literally does just that-refreshes my coils. I suggest checking this baby out at Target or check out Oyin’s website-linked above.
Hey, one more thing, be on the look out for the deets on my simple Fall make-up routine next.
Deidra Marie

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