This was a weekend filled with mall shopping, restaurant hoping, mixed with a little aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully our side of town wasn’t severely impacted. There was flooding in certain areas, trees everywhere and no electricity for a few days but nothing compared to the aftermath Haiti is going through right now. Prayers going up for those in Haiti and Florida and any surrounding areas.
Attempting to spend as much time with one of my best friends before her departure back to the islands for med school. While she’ll be back in a month, it’s still nice to have some much needed girl talk, random trips to the mall, sugar binges, and random laughs about the college days. Ah, how time flys.
After a few hours spent with my favorite Bahama mamma, it was off to another outing with good church friends to celebrate some birthdays. 10 coconut shrimp later, it was time to face the reality that Sunday was no more. All in all it was a very chill weekend. Now for the Monday madness. Let the games begin.
I don’t have any deets on the green bomber jacket or the green booties I rocked yesterday as I snagged them both on sale months ago, but I did tag some similar styles from the same places I purchased them. Enjoy.
Deidra Marie

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