It’s been a great week! Charlie and I have been coasting and catching up with friends. Yesterday we chilled with the newlyweds. You may remember them from a previous post #AdventuresofAandG. Welp, we were back at it again, except this time with meatballs and “not your grandma’s” mac and cheese…inside joke. What I love most about Raleigh living is the random restaurants housed downtown. Oak City Meatball is one of them. Never heard of it until yesterday and what a pleasant surprise it was to indulge in a chicken meatball sandwich equipped with chunky tomato sauce, mozzarella, and kale salad drizzled in a delight vinaigrette dressing, yummy.

The menu was full meatball mix and match options. If you know me, more options make for a long night. I’m so indecisive and apparently so is my friend. 25 minutes later, us ladies finally decided. We chatted up a storm till about 10pm and then realized we all had work in the AM. Yeah, the reality hit rather late in the evening, LOL, but all in all it was a good night of exchanging post wedding thoughts, our next international trips and some side convo about the election.

Yay, one more day till the weekend. Whose counting down with me? Oh almost forgot, want all the deets on Oak City Meatball click here.


Deidra Marie

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