Gearing up for New Year’s by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Yes, I said it. Relaxing is the name of the game, and I have no plans to bring in the new year but to chill by this pool, enjoy a good glass of wine or two, hehe, and catch up on some much needed Netflix episodes. Only a few more days in Florida and it’s back to reality and the work grind on Monday. Why do vacations seem to go by so fast? I did manage to check out some shopping outlets and nabbed a great shiny top from Ann Taylor Factory. Not sure where I’ll be wearing it but if I decide last minute to go out and bring in 2017, I’ll have an outfit ready to go. Let’s be honest, 2017 is coming whether I celebrate or not, LOL. I could always put the top on and have a party of one by the pool, me and my two best friends Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon, LOL

Speaking of outfits, I linked a similar pair of sunnies at the top for you to check out. I grabbed my sunnies from a Ross in Orlando for a whopping $5 bucks! And I finally got a chance to wear this darling romper from American Eagle because FL is warm. The romper is currently on sale for $20.00. Can’t beat that, huh? 

Before I go, there is just a few more days to participate in the Smile Brilliant Giveaway. Click here to read the post, view my before and after results and get all the deets on how you can win a free teeth whitening kit, courtesy of Smile Brilliant!

Yay to 2017. Happy New Year Everyone!


Deidra Marie 

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