On your mark, get set, GO! When it snows I find every opportunity to run, and play and enjoy it to the fullest before it turns to black ice. Charlie had to work yesterday 😦 but right after he got off work I dragged him out again so I get my dose of snow day fun. Old Downtown Garner is the cutest little town and has some of the best little spots to just hang out, snap some shots, read and chillax. I made Charlie take me to the Starbucks up the street after I was done playing in the snow but they were closed 😦 I had no coffee at the house so a trip to the coffee shop was necessary. Yesterday was literally the first day in years where I skipped my morning Jo. I know, its so sad. 

Before you go, I linked a similar pair of shiny red rain boots at the top and a similar green hooded cargo jacket. I got my jacket from American Eagle over the summer and the red rain boots from Aldo a few years back. Speaking of Aldo, their having an amazing sale on shoes today, 50% off, can’t beat that.

Stay warm out there guys!


Deidra Marie

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