It’s cold out here on these streets so I stay bundled up with my new infinity scarf by
Tight Knit NYC. How else do you expect me to stay warm and stylish all at the same time? Speaking of stylish, I kept it real casual but colorful and paired my new scarf with some skinny denim, a basic plaid button up and cute suede wedges.  With a scarf color this bold and green, your outfit should include relaxed colors that let the scarf pop and do it’s thing.

NC is calling for some serious snow and ice this weekend so I pulled this baby out because I know I can weather the storm with this wrapped around my neck 4 or 5 times, is it hot in here or is it just me? Yup, I said it, this scarf goes a long ways, and I mean that literally. When I received it I was so happy with how much fabric there really was. FYI, it’s a nice wool fabric and handmade, might I add. I’m prepared for any snow flurry or icicle that comes my way this weekend because I’ll be immersed in a bundle full of warm and cozy. You can be too so I’m starting off the new year right and giving you 25% of your Tight Knit NYC purchase when you use code: COILSCURLSCOZY.

I’ve linked my amazing new scarf, my plaid top, denim bottoms, and a similar pair of shoes at the top for your shopping pleasure. If you or someone you know has shopped Tight Knit NYC before, I would love to hear about the experience or see photos of how you styled your item. Feel free to comment in the comment box below. Stay warm lovelies. Oh one more thing, I know your wondering how this scarf can be dressed up for a night out on the town, so stay tuned because I have an outfit idea up my sleeve.


Deidra Marie

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